Level 3 - Surf Course - Portugal

Join us in our mellow camp in Ericeira, and learn to surf with the accommodation of your liking.

A typical day

    • The early risers may want to fit in a yoga session or enjoy the sunrise before breakfast, while others may prefer to go straight to the breakfast buffet. We’ll do a run-through of the day while the coffee is kicking in before going surfing. The instructors will hold a briefing and warm up before surf and finish with a summary of the lesson. After the session, you’ll be excited with a high level of endorphins. Following lunch you’ll have time to do whatever you like; surf some more on your own, chill in the sun, go into town, or even take a trip to Lisbon.

Who is Level 3 FOR?

  • This level is designed for those of you that have passed our level 2 or anyone who can catch waist high green waves on your own and surf frontside and backside. You’re not yet confident in head high waves on your own but we’ll surf easy reefs, point and beach breaks with all the knowledge you need to feel confident to surf most breaks, focusing on entry and exit from the break, surf etiquette and which peak is the best for your level of surfing. 


1 week

              • 7 nights accommodation
                7 breakfasts
                7 days with surf equipment
                Level 3 – Surf course 5 x 2 hours
                Surf theory
              • Walk or transport (depending on surf location) to surf lessons
                1 video filming and analysis
                Try out different boards

2 weeks

                • 14 nights accommodation
                  14 breakfasts
                  14 days with surf equipment
                  Level 3 – Surf course 10 x 2 hours
                  Surf theory
                • Walk or transport (depending on surf location) to surf lessons
                  2 video filming and analysis
                  Try out different boards

3 weeks

              • 21 nights accommodation
                21 breakfasts
                21 days with surf equipment
                Level 3 – Surf course 15 x 2 hours
                Surf theory
                Walk or transport (depending on surf location) to surf lessons
                3 video filming and analysis
                Try out different boards
Level 3 made me confident in the water, now I'm ready for almost all lineups



In Ericeira, we live only a short walk from the beach, while still in walking distance to the village.

Quinta Lizandro

Our new home in Ericeira - a social accommodation built for people to meet new friends and form awesome memories.

Season: February - January
Suits: Level 1, 2, 3, Surf Coaching, Yoga & Surf
Age: From 18 years

Sounds amazing

Misc information

day of arrival

      • The day of arrival is Sunday. There are no surf lessons on the day of arrival, and the day will be spent settling in and getting to feel at home at the camp. Surfing begins on the second day.


There are many different flight-options to get here. We recommend www.momondo.com for finding your trip.

        • TRANSFER

          • On the day of arrival/departure we offer airport transfer for 50 EUR per person for the round trip. We make at least three trips per day at various times in order to pick up as many guests as possible. There are several other ways of getting to Ericeira: ;you can take a local bus that costs 7 EUR, or a taxi that costs about 75 EUR. We’ll send you more details about the different alternatives when we receive your booking.
    • Meals

          • A breakfast buffet is included and served each morning, and we arrange dinner together every night. Dinner consists of everything from a large BBQ at the camp to eating with the staff at a restaurant in town. Everyone’s welcome to join, so you’ll have dinner companions all days even if you’re travelling alone.


Are flights included in the listed package prices?
No, you’ll need to make your own way there, but we can pick you up at the airport ✌🏻
Are there any stand-by spots or unlisted beds available?
You are always welcome in our home, but if there are no spots available on the website it means we are completely full that week.
Can my start-date be flexible?
An important part of what makes a stay with us so special is the way our guests connect through the week. The start dates listed are therefore the only start dates available.
I want a room to myself, how do I do that please?
The best – and only – way to get a single room is to book a double room with 1 pax. (Yes, this means you will have to pay for the entire double room)
How do we book different surf levels for each guest in the same booking?
Please book the stay you want with all the surfers at the same level and send us an email at info@lapointcamps.com with the booking reference and the names for each level. We’ll sort you out, no problem!
I want to shred hard all week. What happens if the ocean does not deliver during my stay?
Please refer to our terms & conditions for details on refund and compensation.
What are the surf conditions likely to be during my stay?
Please refer to Magicseaweed’s ‘seasonal’ data for estimates on conditions and swell history.
Can I reserve a spot to think about it for a few days?
Yes, of course! Please see our OPEN PURCHASE POLICY in the FAQ section for details.

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