Learn to Surf - Beginner Surf Camps

- Learn the basics of surfing
- Be able to catch white water waves on a regular basis
- Become comfortable in the white water waves

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for you that have never surfed before, or that haven’t surfed for a while and want to go through the basics one more time. We’ll give you a fun and encouraging introduction to surfing, and share the stoke when you catch your very first white water waves. Our experienced instructors will make sure that you develop your skills in line with your level and that you’ll catch as many waves possible. It’s all about having fun together.

What will I be learning?

  • We’ll go through the very basic theory and techniques of surfing and teach you everything from how to carry your board to how to catch waves. The goal of our experienced instructors is to create an encouraging environment where you learn as much as possible during the course. The goal of the course is that you’re able to surf small white water waves all by yourself.


What kind of waves will I be surfing?

    • You’ll be surfing easy waves on surrounding sand beaches and easy reef breaks where you’ll have a safe and comfortable experience when you explore the waves for the first time. Our instructors will pick the best part of the beach where you will be able to catch the most white water wash and broken waves and have as much fun as possible.

Theory included

    • History of surfing
    • You will learn where and when it all started, the type of boards; short to very long ones and how they have developed over the years.


      Ocean awareness

    • The types of rips, waves, weather, conditions, tides and how they work, places to surf, different types of waves; beach, point and reef breaks. We’ll go through how waves form in the ocean, the surf spots in the area of the camp and inform about the ones that are best suited for beginners.

      Surfing terms

    • Learn the language of surfing; speed, trimming, pop up, crowd and more.

      Surf safety & -etiquette
    • We’ll go through how to behave in the water, how to handle the board in and outside the water, how to handle the crowd of other surfers, how to fall after you have surfed a wave, and where in the water you should be as a beginner.

      Surf equipment

    • An introduction of all surf gear; type of boards, fins, leash, wetsuit, reef boots, wax etc. We’ll also go through the different part of the board; nose, tail, up, down etc.

      Board control

    • How to position yourself on the board, paddling, handling, and sit 
on the board. How to handle the board in order not to hurt yourself or anyone else around you.


    • Learn how to do the perfect pop-up, and get up on your board. You’ll also learn when to do the pop-up so you surf on top of the wave and don’t sink through.

      Surfing the whitewater

    • Start with belly rides to understand when the whitewater has the most power, and move over to standing up on your board.

      Individual feedback

    • The teacher will see the things you need to improve, and help you so you’ll achieve the goals of the course and avoid the usual mistakes beginners do.


I have never surfed before, can I join this course?
Yes, this course is build for beginning surfers. Whether you’ve never surfed before, or if it’s just been some time since you last were out, this course will get you ready to catch your first waves.


Is it possible to join this course if I have attended this or other surf courses earlier?
Yes, there is always a need to refresh old, forgotten skills, so you’re more than welcome to take this course even if you’ve attended another course, or surfed a bit before.


I don’t have my own equipment, can I still join?
Yes, we will provide you with the equipment necessary to surf at the given location, that being either wetsuit, rash guard, and surfboard.


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