Surf Camp California

Join our surf camp in California, located just north of San Diego among amazing waves, great surf stoked people and the typical American surf vibe.

A surf trip to California

This is the classic California that you've grown up seeing in movies with long beaches, American vibe cafes and bars and a mellow, laid-back surf vibe. Learn to surf at the surf camp in California, which is located in Encinitas just north of San Diego and within walking distance of the beach and epic waves for surfers of all levels. Grab a breakfast at the cafe next door, surf 'till you drop, head out to explore the coastline and grab a beer with your surf buddy in the sunset; the life of a surfer in California is as good as it gets.

Beaches, surf & smiles

A successful surf trip consists of many parts, but most important is the social aspect, which is why our surf camps have a big focus on good times. We know that the people you share the perfect wave down at the beach or a beer in the sunset with may last a lifetime, so we arrange many social activities and getaways that you can choose to take part of, or maybe you just want to surf 24/7. Anyway we're sure you'll experience many epic moments at the surf camp in California, and always someone to share them with.

Surf packages in California

California offers consistently excellent conditions and amazing waves for all levels of surfers. Whether you're surfing for the first time, advancing to ride green waves or surfing independently, take advantage of our experienced surf instructors and local knowledge to get the most out of your surf trip to California. Our packages offer something for everyone, please see below for further details. As always; if you have any questions, please let us know and we'll help you put together the surf trip of your dreams!


Theis Smedegaard

Accommodation in California

Stay at the surf camp in Encinitas, California, which is located just three minutes from the beach and has cosy coffee shops, surf shops and restaurants within walking distance. The camp has great hangout areas and mellow vibe, and is perfect as a base for exploring this part of California.

Surfhouse Encinitas

The camp is located three minutes from Beacons beach, across from cosy coffee shops, surf shops and local restaurants. With a great vibe and nice hangout areas the camp is an ideal base for exploring Encinitas and California.

Season: July - October
Suits: Level 1, 2, 3
Age: From 21 years