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Level 2 - The intermediate kite Course

Learn the water-start, upwind riding, kite safety & other relevant focus areas depending on skill level


Depending on your level, we will work on the following theory.

The water start

When using the wind, the kite and the board to get up and going, the timing is crucial for success. Like anything worthwhile, this can be difficult in the beginning, but keep on trying, and we promise you it'll be worth it (and lots of fun) after some practice.

Upwind kiting 

Once you're up on the board riding, it's common to end up far downwind, at the bottom of the beach or snowkiting area. This is ok in the beginning, but now we'll teach you how to kite upwind so you can kite back to where you started. 

Kite safety

Do you know how to do a self-rescue? how to pass other kiters on the water? Are your launching and landing skills sufficient? To ensure your safety, we repeat some of the fundamental theory and safety guidelines, especially if it is a while since you took the first kite course.

Individual coaching

The instructor will identify what you need to improve on and give you specific feedback on what to do differently to take your kiting to the next level.


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