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Level 1 - Beginner kite course


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Equipment and safety theory
  • Kite set-up and kite maintenance.

  • Learn to master the safety systems.

  • Introduction to the kiting lingo.

Kite control
  • Understand the wind window and necessary kite flying skills.

  • Hand signals.

  • Launch and land the kite

  • Relaunch the kite

  • Walking with the kite downwind and upwind

Body dragging (water)

When you enter the water for the first time, you'll notice how the kite responds to movement, and how you can direct it side to side with only small adjustments of the bar. 'Body dragging' is a crucial part of learning how to navigate, and basically means using the kite to take you in the direction you want to go - without a board. During this lesson, you'll learn basic downwind body dragging and advanced upwind body dragging.

Basic riding
  • First water start. First snow-start on ski or snowboard.

  • Basic riding in both directions.

  • Upwind riding

Theory and safety rules

Learn how to behave in kite spots, how to handle crowds, and how to handle different dangers and hazards (change of wind strength or direction, something wrong with the kite etc.


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