Kitecamp in Paje, Zanzibar

Large white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water and steady winds: Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful kite destinations in the world. Paje is known to be the best kite area on the Island, thanks to its steady winds and a perfect flat water-lagoon.


The historic spice island of Zanzibar is a small idyllic paradise off the Tanzanian coast of East Africa. Enjoy the dreamiest beaches and kite spots that you can imagine, surrounded by coconut palm trees, golden sand and turquoise waters. This is the perfect place to combine your kite holiday with a wild adventure that you will never forget. There are two wind seasons in Zanzibar, and the direction is always side onshore. The first season is from mid-December until the end of February, with the “Kaskasi wind” blowing from northeast. The second season is from mid-June until mid-September with the southeasterly “Kusi”-wind.

What can i expect?

Our kite camp Zanzibar is located 150 meters from our private beach and a 10 minutes walk from the amazing lagoon of Paje, where our kite center is located. There's shallow water where beginners can ride their first meters, and perfect flat water for kiters who want to practice tricks or just cruise and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There is a reef break 1.5 kilometers offshore with perfect waves for kitesurfers. It's safe to leave kite gear and a daypack at our kite center and at our private beach, as we always have guys looking out for our stuff. Leave your concerns at home and join us for a week in paradise!

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Live in walking distance from one of the most beautiful kite beaches on earth.

Camp Zanzibar

Season: 23st of December - 3rd of February
Suits: All levels

Age: From 18+ (teenagers and children can accompany adults)

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