Kite coaching – Sardinia

For the independent kiter with a strong desire to get better through improved technique. For riders of all levels, from making your first jumps to learning advanced freestyle tricks. Being comfortable in a range of conditions, you´re keen to better your kite knowledge and style.


We start the day with a good, healthy breakfast with locally sourced food. We hit the water at the best time with optimal coaching conditions. The coaching will be in pairs, and our coach will give your continuous individual feedback during the week. The video analysis will be in groups of four, so you can learn from the others, have fun together and encourage each other. You will also have time to kite and practice on your own, relax on the beach and explore the areas around the camp.


The kite coaching course is created for independent kiters who can do maneuvers in a variety of conditions. You are comfortable in the water with other kiters around you and have a good understanding of the kiting etiquette. You are interested in specific feedback on your kiting, to improve and learn new tricks, jumps, rotations or unhooked kiting. With a focus on fun, we provide a highly educational, thrilling experience where you’ll meet loads of great people at Lapoint Kite camp Sardinia.


7 nights accommodation

7 breakfasts

Kite coaching course 4 x 2 hours

Kite theory and video analysis



6 h coaching in the water (2 people per coach)

2 h video coaching (4 people per coach)
Kite theory and video analysis


Lunch and dinner

Beach transfers

Airport transfers

Kite equipment

Day trips & additional activities


Villa Marco’s

Lapoint is proud to offer a kitecamp with home-produced ecological food! We live with Marco in his farm house, only 1 km from the kite spot Porto Botte. It is a big and comfortable house that gives you the feeling of being home.

Season: May - October
Suits: All levels
Age: From 18 years




Arrival- and departure day is Wednesday. Cagliari is the nearest airport, approximately one-hour drive from the camp. We recommend you to book your flight with SAS/Norwegian, Alitalia or KLM, depending on which city you depart from. Some of the small Lufthansa flights do not accept kite luggage onboard, but this is a great option if you are not bringing kite gear. There are direct flights from Munich (Lufthansa), Zurich (Swiss Airlines), Amsterdam (KLM), London (Easy Jet) and Frankfurt (Condor).


The cheapest option from Scandinavia is to fly to Alghero and rent a car for the week. There are direct flights to Alghero every Wednesday from Oslo, Stavanger, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. The flight time is 3,5 hours and the flights are usually cheap. It takes 3 hours to drive from Alghero to the camp, and you can find affordable car rentals at the airport. Check out, or Another cheap option from Scandinavia is to fly directly to Olbia and rent a car for the week. There are direct cheap flights with charter companies (Apollo, ving), SAS and Norwegian. Olbia is 4 hours driving from the camp.


Contact us if you have questions about the flights:


There are many different flight-options to get here. We recommend for finding your trip.

  • Transfer

  • Remember to add the “transfer package” to your booking if you don´t plan to rent your own car. The transfer package includes transfer to/from the kite spot, supermarkets, restaurants and a daytrip to beautiful Porto Pino. Price: 130 euro.


    The taxi to and from the airport in Cagliari is not included in the transfer package. Lapoint can organize this for you. Send us an email with your flight number and arrival time if you want to be picked up. The price depends on the amount of people sharing (35-80 euro per person).


    The cheapest option is to take a train from the airport to Carbonia. Check the train schedule at Type what time you want to depart from “Cagliari-Elmas”. Your arrival destination is “Carbonia Serbariu”. The transfer from the train station in Carbonia to the camp is 10 euro. Note that the last train leaves from Cagliari Elmas (Airport) at 20:45.


    It is not possible to order a taxi from Alghero or Olbia to the camp.


  • Breakfast is included in the price. We have a small fridge where you can keep some personal food, for example to make lunch. We eat dinner together at the camp five days during the week (20 EUR per dinner, including wine). Mama Patricia makes delicious Italian food, often with food from their farm. We will also take you to our favourite restaurants in the area two days during the week.


Remember towels for beach, sunblock, sunhat, earplugs, mosquito repellent and a warm hoodie/jacket for the evenings. Bring a long 4/3 wetsuit + a shorty for warmer days if you travel in April, Mai or September. If you travel during the summer months you are good with a bikini/boardshorts during the day and a shorty in the evenings. Wetsuits are not included in the beginner package! Bring climbing shoes if you want to explore the climbing areas. There is internet at the camp

If the wind allows it, a normal week is likely to look like this:



Each participant shares goals for the week and info about his/her skill level with the coach. Based on that we will prepare a tailor-made coaching plan for each kiter’s personal needs.



We set up your individual coaching course and plan together how we will reach your goals during the week. We start the week with a 2-hour practical lesson in the water. Two hours practical lessons (Maximum 2 students per instructor).



We go through the personal feedback from the first day before going to the beach. Today’s lesson is in two parts, one-hour practical lesson (2 students) and one hour video session (4 students).



We start with video analysis and kite theory after breakfast. The video analysis session will be together in a group.

The instructor will give personal feedback from the previous day and a briefing before going to the beach for a 2-hour practical lesson. (2 students)



We go through the personal feedback from the previous day before going to the beach. Once there you’ll receive one-hour video coaching (4 students) and one-hour practical lesson (2 students).



You’ll receive a personal feedback summary from the week and input on how to continue the momentum of progression and excitement created by this course on your own.

Note: this schedule is subject to change without notice, and practical lessons can be changed to theory sessions if required by the conditions.


Examples of tricks and moves we can work on:

Jumps, rotations and grabs: If you are riding upwind, going toeside and are comfortable kiting back and forward, this is the next step for you, and it is easier than you think!

Unhooked kiting: Raileys, s-bends, backrolls, blind/wrapped landings, surface pass and handle pass.

Old school: High jumps, dark slide…you name it!


Agriturismo Golfo Palmas Strada Statale 195, km 91 09010 Sant’Antioco Carbonia-Iglesias Italia

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