Villa Marco’s - Sardinia

We are proud to offer a kite camp with farm fresh ecological food! Living with Marco in his big and comfortable farmhouse, only 1 km from the kite spot Porto Botte, you get an authentic feeling of being home.

THE Villa

At Marco’s farm, there are goats, geese and ducks, and they also grow fruits & vegetables. Marco’s mum and dad, Patricia and Mimmo, produce meat, milk, cheese, eggs, marmalade, veggies and honey, and are proud to serve you their delicious food during your stay. Wake up to tea, coffee, biscuits, bread, cheese, marmalade and Sardinian ham from the area with seasonal fruits, and get ready for a day full of fun and activities.




We have a big and cosy garden, wifi (working ok, but not fast) and a TV. There are beautiful areas for running if you want to get some exercise before breakfast.



There are four double rooms with private bathrooms and AC. There are double beds in all the rooms, so you have to book together with a friend (or book the whole room) if you want this option. 


To share a room is a nice way to meet other people. We have two dorms, each of them with four beds, bathroom and AC


Add yoga package to your booking and enjoy three sessions of ashtanga yoga and one power pilates before breakfast during your camp week. Our yoga- and Pilates instructor Ewa Zdun has a sports degree from the academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland. She has been practicing and teaching yoga and Pilates for several years, as well as working as a personal trainer at the gym in Poland and Italy. She is a dedicated kiter and yogi who now lives in Sardinia with her family.


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