Kitesurf Camp Sardinia

Porto Botte is one of the best and most windy spots in Sardinia and Italy. The water is flat and you can stand in the water 100 meters out. Sardinia offers sun, constant wind, long beaches, crystal clear water and good, homemade Italian food made of local food from the area


Sardinia (”Isola del Vento”) is an Italian Island in the Mediterranean between Italy, Spain, Tunis and South of Corsica. The place offers the most beautiful kite spots you can imagine, offering both waves and flatwater lagoons. You can spot beautiful pink flamingos in the ponds next to the kitespot. Sardinia has long being known as a rock-climbing destination with its wild and spectacular rocky interior and coastline. There are many established sport climbing crags across the island, and one of them is Porto Pino where we are most likely to take you during the week. You can climb the 11-meter cliff that we normally jump from.

What to expect

In Sardinia you will have quality kiting, beautiful varied nature, good food and colourful sunsets. We cooperate with Marco and his kite school “Kite Sardegna”. They are the only kiteschool who have licence to teach in Porto Botte, so you will have plenty of space to practice. Marco has over ten years of experience teaching in Porto Botte, and he will make sure that your stay in Sardinia is optimal. If you already know how to kite, there are plenty of others who inspire and motivate you, and the place is perfect for practicing tricks and for filming and taking photos. We can also guarantee lovely home-produced Italian food during the week!

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Stay in Sardinia

Villa Marco’s

Lapoint is proud to offer a kitecamp with home-produced ecological food! We live with Marco in his farm house, only 1 km from the kite spot Porto Botte. It is a big and comfortable house that gives you the feeling of being home.

Season: May - October
Suits: All levels
Age: From 18 years