Snowkite Camp Norway

Kite your way through majestic snow covered landscape at our beautiful and windy snowkite camp at Haukeliseter, located 1000 meter above sea level. We have packages for all levels, and all include wilderness spa, local food and a warm fireplace to warm up between the sessions.

About the course

Our kite courses are designed for kiters on all levels. Beginners, intermediates and advanced kiters will experience progression after a weekend with Lapoint in the mountains. We will teach you everything you need to become a safe and independent kiter, or to reach the next level. Learn about equipment, safety, wind conditions, kiting or kite tricks – first the theory, followed by exercises with the kite in the snow. We are using the newest gear on the market from Cabrinha kiteboarding. Meet other kiters, learn something new and experience the beautiful kite conditions at Haukeliseter.

Amazing nature

The area that surrounds Haukeliseter offers loads of snow, hills, kickers, cliffs to jump off and much more to be discovered with a kite. The lake has safe and easy learning conditions for beginners. The more experienced riders train their tricks on the flat area and they go on daytrips up mountain hills. Instead of using a lift to the top, snowkiters can use the wind to power them up a mountain and dig in to untouched fresh powder. It is possible to continue snowkiting in the night under the stars. A flashlight lights up the area outside the hotel.

Kite packages

Learn to kite with Lapoint! Spend a weekend or week with snowkite and coaching, spa in the wilderness and exceptional cuisine. Choose the package of your liking and level and join in for an arctic adventure.

Great and welcoming people and very nice coaches. Superb arrangements both days!


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