Learn to Kitesurf - Beginners Kitesurf Camp

- Learn the basics of kiting
- Safety, kite theory and practice
- Learn how to fly a kite, and to feel safe while kiting.
- Water-start during summer, riding on skis or snowboard at the winter camps.
- Upwind riding theory and practice.
- Become comfortable in different wind conditions.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for you that have never kited before, or that haven’t kited for a while and want to go through the basics one more time. We’ll give you a fun and encouraging introduction to kiting, and share the stoke when you ride your first meters on snow or on water. Our experienced instructors will make sure that you develop your skills in line with your level and that you’ll feel safe during the lessons. It’s all about having fun together.

What will I be learning?

  • We’ll go through the very basic theory and techniques of kiting and teach you everything from how to carry your kite and to combine the flying skills with riding on a board on water, or on skis/snowboards on the snow. The goal of our experienced instructors is to create an encouraging and safe environment where you learn as much as possible during the course. The goal of the course is that you will feel independent and safe with the kite, so you can continue practicing on your own later.


Theory included

Equipment and safety theory

  • Kite set-up and kite maintenance
  • Know the use of the safety systems
  • Understanding the wind window and basic kite flying skills
  • Hand signals
  • Launch and land the kite
  • Re-launch the kite on water or on snow
  • Basic downwind body dragging and advanced upwind body dragging (water). Walking with the kite downwind and upwind (snow)

Body dragging with board (water)

  • First water start (water). First snow start on skis or on board (snow)
  • Basic riding in both directions
  • Theory and safety rules
    We will go through how to behave on kite spots whether it is on water or on snow, how to handle crowds and how to handle different dangers and hazards (change of wind strength or direction, something wrong with the kite, how to land when you are alone etc).
  • Self rescue

Individual coaching
The teacher will see the things you need to improve, and help you so you’ll achieve the goals of the course and avoid the usual mistakes beginners do.

I have never kited before, can I join this course?

Yes, this course is build for beginning kiters. Whether you’ve never kited before, or if it’s just been some time since you last were out, this course will get you ready to get addicted to wind and flying.


Is it possible to join this course if I have attended this or other kite courses earlier?

Yes, there is always a need to refresh old, forgotten skills, so you’re more than welcome to take this course even if you’ve attended another course, or kited a bit before.


I don’t have my own equipment, can I still join?

Yes, we will provide you with the equipment necessary to kite at the given location. Notice that you will need your own alpine skis, snowboard, boots, winter clothes and helmet do attend our winter camps.


What goal is realistic to have after 12 hours of kite lessons? (The summer camps)

This depends on each student, but normally you should know the safety and theory to continue practicing on your own. You have kited your first meters on the board. Some of you are already riding back and forward; some are practicing to ride upwind, while others might need a few more lessons to be independent enough to continue on their own. This is very individual.


Can I use the kite gear when there are no lessons?

No, kite gear is only included during the lessons. You can rent gear after you are done with your hours, and continue practicing by your own. Your instructor needs to approve that this is safe and ok. If you are not independent enough yet to be practicing by yourself, you have the option to buy more private lessons.






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