Kiters Pack

• For kiters who are independent on the water and have their own kite equipment.
• Get some tips and be motivated by our camp staff.
• You have the opportunity to buy coaching hours by our professional instructors to get the most out of the week.
• One hour professional coaching is included in our Kiters Pack in Sardinia.
• WINTER: You will be eight participants on one coach. He or she will motivate you to progress and teach you how to improve your riding style, and the tricks you want to learn. There will also be photo shoots during the weekend.

Who is this course for?

    • The Kiters Pack is for independent kiters who want to travel to an amazing kite spot, meet new friends, kite as much as possible and progress with other kiters. You will also enjoy the other activities that our location offers.
    • There is no coaching or instruction included in the Kiters Pack (only in Sardinia and at Haukeliseter).
    • In Sardinia, one hour professional coaching is included during the week.
    • Haukeliseter: You will have one coach on each 6-10 participants. He or she will motivate you and teach you what you want to learn to develop your skills. This can be toe-side riding, your first jumps, rotations or jumping off a kicker.

What will I be learning?

    • There is no instruction in the Kiters Pack. However, you should note what you want to learn because one week in the conditions at our locations will give your kiting a boost that will make you smile from you wake up until you go to bed at night! Whether you travel alone or with friends: You will meet inspiring kiters at all our kite camps who will motivate you and give you a extra push on the water. Our camp manager will try her/his best to answer questions if you wonder about how you can do your first jump or ride toe-side. Join one of the other amazing activities our location offers when you are exhausted from all the kiting: Pasta making course, bike trips, wine and cliff jumping in Sardinia, wine tours and rafting in Croatia, spice tours and blue safari in Zanzibar, safari in Cape Town, or mountain biking, surf and wakeboard in Esposende.



What is the difference between level 2 and Kiters Pack?

The Kiters Pack requires that you are an independent kiter, who don´t need extra help to get started on the water. In the level 2-course, you will have a personal coach who will help you to progress during the week. Winter level 2: There is one instructor on each 6 participants. This course is for kiters who have taken lessons, but still need extra help to get started. Winter Kiters Pack: There is one coach on each 10 participants. You are an independent kiter, but our coach will explain how to do your first jumps etc.

I am a decent snowkiter, but I have never tested on water. Should I go for Kiters Pack or level 2?

Kiting on water is more difficult than snowkiting. We would advise you to take level 2 if you haven´t had any lessons before on water. There are many handy tips that will make it easier for you when you are kiting on the water.

I don’t have my own equipment, can I still join?

Yes. You can rent kite equipment during your stay at our camp. You need to be an independent rider to rent gear. You are responsible for the gear you rent and have to refund any possible damage on the kite/board during the time you use it. Contact us in good time ahead of your arrival if you want to rent gear during your stay.

What is the difference between Kiters Pack winter and Kiters Pack summer?

Winter: You will have one coach on each ten participants who will motivate you, take pictures and give you handy tips about things that you want to improve. This can be toe-side, simple jumps, rotations, kickers etc.
Summer: You are independent riders and there is no instruction included in the package.






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