Why we always return to Hoddevik

Hoddevik makes a strong impression on everyone who visits. Captivated by its beauty, rawness and unmistakeable ambience, most of us return again and again to this beautiful bay amongst the mountains. Below we’ll look at a few of the reasons why.  



You feel that you belong


What makes Hoddevik so special is the sense of being part of a tribe – you always feel welcome and included when you come here. Since the community is so small you get to know everyone very quickly, and the fact that the bay is quite secluded makes you feel like you’re part of another world. The energy is always great and the vibe at the camp will definitely get you hooked! With an atmosphere like this, it’s very easy to feel at home, and very hard to leave.




A unique surf spot


Located between Viking settlements, sand beaches and tall mountains, Hoddevik is a unique surf getaways in the world and offers waves with a traditional and wild backdrop. Norway might not be the first surf destination that comes to mind when you think of surfing, but for many, Hoddevik turns out to be their favourite surf spot. Naturally, you can combine the surfing with exploring the area as great hiking trails and breath-taking viewpoints are around every corner!




It’s easy to make friends


Connecting with people is a lot easier without the distraction from the stress of city life. Hoddevik allows you to truly disconnect, giving you freedom to create amazing memories with your new friends at the camp. Being relaxed and focused on what makes you happy, you’ll connect with like-minded people over your common passion for surfing and the ocean. We’ll invite you to many social activities throughout the week to make sure you’ll have some memorable experiences. In short, based on the notion that ‘people make the place’, as Hoddevik brings out the best in people you’re likely to have a great time 🙂




Being one with nature


Shangri-La is an expression that defines paradise on earth and for us, Hoddevik is in many ways our utopia. With its dramatic landscape, you can’t help but get a feeling of being one with nature. Situated in Stadlandet, the most westerly point in Norway, with beautiful beaches stretched between majestic mountains and the mighty ocean. It’s a place that makes you feel alive! Also, close to home for many of our guests from Norway and Sweden, and accessible by a range of public transport modes, it’s a low-impact trip for a larger than life experience!


Find out more about Hoddevik here. See you there!