Want adventurous days in one with nature? Look no further!

Hoddevik is our favourite bay, and for a good reason. The unique combination of majestic nature, peaceful surroundings and a lot of activities make it the perfect place for your surf adventure.






No matter how many places you’ve travelled to; surfing in Hoddevik is something genuinely different. Described as magical by many of our guest, the setting here is not your typical tropical paradise, but a sense of wild nature. The backdrop to your surf sessions will be breath-taking nature and steep mountains – an environment that will make you feel truly alive. If you’re lucky, you might even get a little sprinkle of fairy dust; snow or northern light can be experienced here during the darker months. With this kind of setting, you’ll create memories for a lifetime.






SUP is the perfect way to discover the dramatic coastline on the west coast of Norway. We start paddling from the beautiful bay where you can enjoy one-of-a-kind views before we explore the caves just outside of Hoddevik. Get a proper sense of adventure while you get close up to wild nature!   




The iconic road leading down to Hoddevik provides some unforgettable views, especially when enjoyed from the deck of a longboard skateboard. Cruise past the small colourful homes, rolling green hills and flocks of sheep and you’re in for some memorable goosebumps. We also have a mini ramp at the camp where you can feel the flow of the curves with and new friends.



Beach volley


Hoddevik is all about being outdoors, and we love playing in the bay.

You can use the beach for all kind of ball games, surrounded by loads of space and dreamy surroundings. Get your crew from the camp and head down to the beach for a volley session in the sand; it’ll be a game to remember!





Hoddevik has a particular way of making you feel calm and in touch with nature. Practising yoga here is perfect since it’s easier being present without the hustle and bustle from the city life. During summer, local yoga teacher Gry hosts wonderful yoga sessions in the barn overlooking green hills and the picturesque beach.





Nothing completed a great day of surfing and adventure with a beautiful bonfire. Make a bonfire at the beach, bring marshmallows and new friends, and you have all you need in life. Spark up some good conversations around the fire and leave your phone at the camp – having a little digital detox in nature is a perfect way toconnect with your fellow travellers.






Hoddevik provides some pretty amazing viewpoints that are all there for you to explore. Although the hikes are steep, the views you experience will totally make up for it. Like all great things in life, the best stuff lies outside your comfort zone. The active days and fresh air will make you feel completely re-energized.





Fun & games at the camp


At the camp, we have a lot of different activities you can enjoy with your new surf friends. We strive to create a feelgood vibe where everyone feels welcome, and you’re free to schedule your own free time. Join us at the trampoline or by the ping pong table, or relax with a good book and a hot chocolate while you soak up the beautiful surroundings.