Trine Weydahl about dance battles and remote island adventures!  

Boiling it down to the essence of Goodtimes in Ericeira, Portugal with Youtuber, Trine Weydahl.  



Trine, a popular Youtuber from Norway, currently sharing all the goings-on of her life in Oslo with her 24000 Youtube subscribers, came down to stay with us in Ericeira, Portugal for a week of surfing, adventures and fun in the sun.



During the week she sat down with us to talk more about her experiences, both in the ocean and at the camp. After surfing with us in Hoddevik, Norway, last summer, she already knew the basics and was motivated to conquer the waves here in Portugal.  She wasted no time before jumping into the surf and with the support of her surf instructor Viktor, as she put it: “when the instructor’s like – ‘yeah, you got it!’ and you’re like ‘yeaahhh'”, she was overjoyed by the feeling of riding waves again, as expressed in the clip with gestures and energy likely to inspire.



Being a fun-loving person, she also brought up the social aspects of the camp as a highlight of the trip, telling us about how she’s been getting into everything from volleyball tournaments, a music quiz and many heated games of Irish snap with some mates from the UK – “the best card game ever! (you HAVE to learn it).”


Other highlights from the clip below include fun travel stories from Thailand and Norway, a semi-illegal performance of her favourite song to dance to and a powerful Thug-life moment as she shares her best tips and tricks for making a smaller footprint on our beautiful planet.
Click below to catch it all in this electric episode of the Goodtimes Pod.