Travelling the world with your soulmate

Traveling and exploring often results in plenty of new friendships. Some friendships turns into a romance and for some lucky ones, this romance turns into a magical love story. Meet Simone and Dom, two travellers/surfers, who meet each other at Lapoint Surf Camp Norway where Dom worked as the head instructor and Simone as a social host. They arrived alone and left 6 months later to Sri Lanka, as a couple.
Hi, Simone and Dom. Nice of you to share your story with us! Tell us, how did you guys meet?
– We both originally applied for a job at the surf camp in Portugal, however we ended up diving into the unknown by heading to Norway where we were very lucky to meet each other and explore all the best of beautiful Hoddevik. After a smashing hot tub party one thing lead to another and that was that really.
Are there any pros or cons by travelling, working and surfing together everyday?
Pro: – We are so fortunate to live, work, and play in the best corners of the world getting to surf everyday and laughing all the time so as a couple we are living our dreams the way life should be done!
Pro: – Getting to spend so much time together!
Pro: – I get to eat loads of chocolate and Simone doesn’t notice my belly getting a bit tubby plus she’s the definition of beautiful so it’s a joy to see her every day.
Con: – Spending too much time together. Don’t get me wrong, I love every second with Dom, but it’s always nice to have a story to tell. I also sometimes rage out when he tries to teach me about surfing… Working together has never been a problem, we work in different fields of the camp and don’t have a lot to do with each other work wise. Basically, he tells me when the surf theory is and I write it on the whiteboard.
Con: – Simone eats my chocolate and steels the duvet cover.
Who’s the best surfer?
– The one that’s having the most fun! Haha no, but Dom is, by light-years. There’s a reason he’s the head instructor and I’m a social host. He’s also my private instructor! Lucky girl, right?
Haha’ having most fun, exactly! ☺ What’s your future plans like? All travels and surf?
– Shred till we’re Dead! Keep exploring down the long road of life and hopefully get really lost along the way. We both love cold water surfing and have many dreams to explore Norway, Iceland, New Zealand and Canada, maybe one day by winter we’ll live in an igloo surrounded by giant white mountains overlooking a cold, dark, heavy mutant wave. By summer a hut built from palm trees on a tropical island, soft white sandy sand on the porch, with crystal clear glassy barrels reeling all the way down our garden.
Any tips to the other couples out there who’s thinking about exploring the world together?
– What seems to be the most important thing is to have an open dialogue and communicate a lot and about everything. … and to be able to compromise, and I guess not living in a dorm room helps!