Up close: Learning to surf in Costa Rica

Pristine beaches straight out of a tropical dream, waterfalls hidden amongst lush rainforests, exciting activities and amazing surf makes Costa Rica a thrilling destination for anyone who wants to learn how to surf. This week, our Swedish guests Alice and Linnea are staying with us for the Level 1 course. We´ve had a look into their surf life and sat down for a chat with Alice about camp life, surfing and Pura Vida.



  • – You´ve been here almost two weeks by now – what have you enjoyed the most so far?


  • – If I were to pick some memories, I would say the first wave I caught, the sunset volleyball sessions and the chilled days by the pool.


  • – Sounds like you´ve had some good days here! Did you have any experience with surfing before you came to the camp?


  • – I tried once in Bali, but I´ve learnt way more this time thanks to the skilled and inspiring instructors!



– Cool! How do you relate Pura Vida to your stay here in Costa Rica?


  • – Personally, the idea of Pura Vida has meant freedom to do as I like. To wake up, surf, eat, surf, yoga, eat, sleep and repeat!




  • – Yes, the lifestyle is pretty awesome here! What would you say is the most unique part of living at the camp?


  • – That´s definitely the feeling of being part of a big family – I love the laughs we have around the dinner table! I also think the location of the camp is ideal, as it´s close to the beach, heaps of cafés as well as the city centre.




  • – Have you got any tips for cool stuff to do after the surf?


  • – La Lora is a club in Santa Teresa, which is great on Thursdays. The Bakery has loads of mouth-watering temptations and Taco Corner serve crazy good tacos, burgers and burritos!


  • – Yeah, the reggae nights at La Lora is sick! Last but not least, what makes Costa Rica such a magical destination?


    • – You get the perfect combo of sun and tropical beaches, without the herds of tourists. It´s also extremely lush and beautiful wherever you go!