The place to go for adventurous souls

Only a short flight from Europe you’ll find a totally different world, filled with exotic vibes, bright colours and unique culture. Morocco is a one-of-a-kind place, perfect for those who have a real sense of wanderlust and are longing to try something a bit different. Our surf camp in Taghazout has a relaxed atmosphere that draws passionate surfers and travellers from all corners of the world. Here are some of our favourite activities to check out while you’re there:



Surfing in Africa!


The prime season is just kicking in in Taghazout, so now it the perfect time to go for some fantastic waves. Taghazout is the surf mecca of Morocco and has an authentic surf vibe different from any other place. This small beach town, popular with tourists for decades has a safe environment, with a chilled atmosphere created by loads of friendly locals and passionate surfers. Our surf camp is situated approximately 50 meters from the ocean and has a perfect location for checking out world-class waves. After the surf session, you can chill out at our rooftop terrace and enjoy the views while getting to know your new surf buddies over a few sunset beers.





Explore the beauty of Paradise Valley


Nestled between majestic golden mountains, lush palm trees and natural rock pools, this place really lives up to its name. We arrange day trips to Paradise valley from the camp, as this definitely is a must when you visit Morocco. We spend the day exploring, cliff jumping and swimming in the turquoise pools. Ready for some action?




Try something new and go sandboarding


Spice up your surf experience and join us for a sandboarding session in Little Sahara! This is a unique adventure, giving you a breath-taking view over the ocean while you are sandboarding the dunes. Definitely not to be missed for the bold souls out there! After the sandboarding, we head to the cosy coastal town of Tamri for lunch, a village well known for their tasty version of the local Moroccan speciality, the Tajine.





Enter the magical world of a ‘souk’


A souk is a traditional market and the heart & soul of many African towns. Visiting a souk feels a bit like entering Genie’s cave; it’s filled with colours, flavours, spices, jewellery and a bit of magic. Join our day trip to the souk in the city of Agadir – the biggest market in the whole of Morocco. The souk here is an excellent place for shopping, tasting traditional tea and getting up close with the Moroccan culture.




Let the good times roll!


Not only is our camp the perfect base while exploring and making the most of Taghazout, but we also have loads of great things going on at home. During the week we invite you to join our movie night under the stars at the rooftop terrace, take part in our beer pong tournament, find your groove in the music quiz and have fun at the BBQ or party with your new friends.