The most romantic experiences at our destinations around the world

Whether you are travelling as a couple or happen to find your crush at one of our camps, our destinations offer some pretty spectacular and quite romantic spots and experiences. Here are our most romantic highlights:


Photo by Hugo Villegas on Unsplash


See the sunrise from a mountain in Bali

From our camp in Canggu we do an excursion to where you can climb Mount Batur, one of the tallest mountains in Bali. You start out in the middle of the night, surrounded by the stars and the magic of Bali. The tour is timed so you reach the top by sunrise and see the rays turning everything into gold. This is a spectacular view and a moment that is perfect for sharing with your partner! Doing activities and leaving your comfort zone will create great memories that leave you stronger as a couple.


Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash


Explore waterfalls in Costa Rica

Kissing in a waterfall is something out of a movie, and Costa Rica is perfect for this kind of extraordinary settings. Go hiking with your partner and explore the lush jungle and great waterfalls of this stunning country. The Pura Vida vibe and happy lifestyle in Costa Rica will definitely give a positive boost to the relationship.


Photo by Niklas Garnholz on Unsplash


Go stargazing in Norway

The remote location of our camp in Hoddevik, nestled between majestic mountains and by the west coast of Norway, makes a perfect place for stargazing. Especially during the darker months, you can take your partner stargazing and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery. Go for a walk on a clear evening and you might also be lucky enough to spot the northern lights! Breath-taking experiences like this will definitely bring you even closer.



Explore remote beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is almost like a lost paradise. With less tourism than a lot of other places in Asia, you can find remote beaches that you have almost to yourself. Rent a scooter with your partner and go for an adventure to the secluded spots and beaches of Sri Lanka. Here you can enjoy some alone time and chilled days in a picturesque setting.



Watch a Moroccan sunset

Morocco is an amazing place for spectacular sunsets. Buy some local food and fresh fruit and take your partner to the beach for a picnic as the sun sets. Watch the sky slowly turn pink and orange and take in the great views and exotic vibe. Morocco is a completely different world, and being far away from home makes you leave everyday worries behind. Feel more present at the moment and enjoy some quality time together!