-The feeling of landing a new trick is amazing beyond words. My strongest drive as an instructor is to give this sensation to other kiters, says Karl Johan Lublin (34), the instructor at our coaching course in Sardinia. We had a chat with KJ about Sardinia and the new coaching pack.



Why are you so passionate about kiting in Sardinia?

The conditions in Sardinia are likely to provide a lot of kiting days in perfectly flat water, and the water- and air temperatures are usually lovely and warm. The Porto Botte kite spot has a charming ambience, with the facilities right on the beach, and a uniquely welcoming social scene. This year will be my third season in Sardinia, and I can´t wait to return to the gorgeous coastline, the fantastic Italian food and the unmistakeable “Sardinia feeling”.



How would you best describe our new coaching pack?

The coaching pack is great for independent kiters of all levels, from people learning their first jumps to practising more advanced “unhooked” tricks and kite loops. To maximise the progress of each participant I give both in-water coaching and video analysis, which is a brilliant way of giving specific input to encourage improvement.



How will you help our guests reach their goals?

We start by having each participant send me info about their level and their goals, before arriving in Sardinia. From there we go through the theory involved in what they want to learn and set goals at the start of the week. Using that as a roadmap, the kiters will learn a lot and also gain a clear understanding of what they need to focus on to continue progressing.



– After more than ten years on the water, I find it very rewarding to help others through barriers I have personally conquered. It’s fantastic to re-experience this feeling with my students, says KJ.



What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

I’m excited to meet and kite with our new guests; it is always inspiring and gives me even more passion for the sport. Through Lapoint I have already met a lot of wonderful people, both guests and locals who I hope to see again this summer. I have also been working hard on my Italian language skills lately, which I’m excited to test amongst the locals. Questo sarà divertente! 🙂



Check out our website to learn more about Sardinia and the coaching package.