Surfing through the Bali good life

Dale Wallington from Cornwall in the South West of England lives a life that most of us would envy. Join in as he talks and shows us through a typical day with surfing, fixing at the camp and meeting new surf stoked guests.

So, Dale. How did you actually get into surfing?
– I started surfing when I was around 14 after my mum bought me a board for my birthday. Even though it was the ultimate beginner board that thing was my prize possession for months and I’m pretty sure i slept next to it for the first week! I had to rely on my parents for lifts to my local beach 30 minutes away on weekends and after school, but I was stoked even if I could get in just once a week.
– I began teaching surfing whilst on a working holiday in Australia for two years and fell in love with surf camp life – so being able to manage Bali’s biggest and best is pretty epic!

How about Canggu and Bali in general? Is it paradise?
– The reason why I return over and over to Bali is the people. Balinese people are so genuine, friendly and caring. Their outlook on life is truly admirable. Also, so many travelers plan on spending a few weeks here and end up staying months! The cost of life here, combined with everything I’ve mentioned above really does make it a very livable place to base yourself.
– I’d spent a lot of time in Canggu before working here, just hanging out, surfing and partying (probably a little too often!). It really has everything; a variety of waves to suit all levels, the best nightlife in Bali, too many delicious restaurants to mention and it’s full of interesting people.

What does the future have in store for you?
– My time here in Bali ends in March, then all being well I will be heading to Portugal to continue with Lapoint! After, who knows..