Surfing in Denmark – the spot guide

Surfing in Denmark has in the recent years become something that most Scandinavian surfers have heard about, but still continues to be an unknown territory for many of us. We sat down with Mor Meluka, a Danish surfer living in Klitmøller, who provided us with solid insights on the best known spots in Denmark.
The area “Thy” on the northwest coast of Jylland is where 90 % of all the best surf spots are located. This is just a boat and/or car ride from Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. The most common way of getting there is by bringing your car on the ferry to Hirtshals from either Oslo or Gothenburg, and drive down 1,5 hours and you’re straight in the surfing-zone.
We made a little surf guide for you to use when planning your next surf trip to Denmark and providing you with a better understanding of where to go, which spots work in the different conditions and how to get there.
1. Agger
This area’s home to the yearly “Heavy Agger” – a heavy metal music festival. Besides the music, the surf setup can provide some of the heaviest waves around. Main spot Agger is a long stretch of sandy beaches with lefts and rights, which start working from hip high and all the way up to triple overhead. Suited for all levels of surfing, depending on the size of the swell.
Favourable swell: S, SW, W, NW, N, NE // Favourable wind direction: E, SE
There’s several of piers that creates breaks along the beach line, so this is a great place to explore when the conditions are right. Mentionable is also the spot called Agger Channel. A right hand sand point, that works from shoulder high to double overhead. This spot is for only intermediate surfers and above, and when everything is out of control, this place can be the perfect choice.
2. Vorupør
The main spot in Vorupør is the bay, which actually consist of several spots, depending on the conditions and locations of sandbars, is ”Vorupør Bay/Underdogs”. Here you’ll find beach breaks with both lefts and rights, working from knee high to double overhead. When it’s big, this is a solid spot for shortboarders and suitable for intermediate and above.
Favourable swell: S, SW, W, NW, N, NE // Favourable wind direction: S, SE, E, SW
Big Pier, Vorupør
The area also holds 3 additional spots: Small Pier, Big Pier and South Side. Both piers are lefthanders (Small Pier can provide rights), primarily suited for longboarders. And the South Side works in bigger swells and is a great spot for advanced/expert surfers with shortboards.
3. Klitmøller
This iconic area is the backbone of surfing in Denmark. The locals call it Klitten (look it up, it’s funny and a bit dirty!) and recent years the town and area has been branded with the name “Cold Hawaii”. Catchy and effective – several surf contests, festivals and the world cup in wind surfing are taking place here. The main spots are The Reef, The Bay and Bunkers. The first two are placed just in front of the town and parking area, and here you’ll always find plenty of surfers since surf schools and tourists like to jump in here. Both spots are both lefts and rights handers and work from smaller knee high waves and up to over- to double overhead waves.
Favourable swell: SW, W, NW, NE // Favourable wind direction: S, SE
Klitmøller reef
Bunkers lie just a few minutes south of Klitmøller, in a beautiful scenery with sand dunes and bunkers randomly places and the beach. The spot is an A-frame with rocks underneath, working from knee high to double overhead. This spot for for intermediate surfers and above. A solid spot for experienced surfers, but you’ll for sure find a large crowd on good days. So stay in line, wait for your turn and know the rules – then you can get some of the best waves that the area can offer!
Favourable swell: NW, W // Favourable wind direction: NE, E, SE, S
4. Hanstholm
Besides surfing Hanstholm is know for is fishery, so get use to the smell from factories when searching for waves. Most popular spots are the Wind Mill and Fisherman Corner. Wind Mill is a sandy beach break working from knee high to overhead and is great for beginners and above, and it’s great if you’re on a SUP.
Favourable swell: SW, W, NW // Favourable wind direction: S, SE, E, SW, W, NE
Fisherman Corner, on the other hand, is know for its hard-core waves, suited for shortboarders of a higher level of surfing. This left hand sand point works from shoulder high to double overhead and can provide you with fast pumping barrels.
Favourable swell: N, NE // Favourable wind direction: NE, E
Fisherman’s, Hanstholm
Hanstholm holds other spots like Middles and Shoko’s and this town/area is a great place to start your surfing journey – starting far north and surf you way down the coast line and explore the best of Danish surfing.
Like many other surfing destinations, winter time delivers the best conditions, especially for a more advanced level of surfing. Though surfing in the northern Jylland can and does work all year, it’s mostly beginners to intermediate surfers who enjoys the summer season here (June – Sep.). Wetsuit up, pull on your hoodie, gloves and wet shoes if you’re keen on some pumping conditions – autumn, winter and especially spring time, will give you a challenging surf road trip in the stunning nature around Thy Land – the official area name where Danish surfing has its roots.
Oliver Hartkopp chasing size in Denmark
The guide is made in collaboration with Cold Hawaii Surf Camp – see the full spot guide here: www.coldhawaiisurfcamp.com/spot-guide
Next week we’ll run an interview with Mor Meluka who provided us with these local insights. He’s one of the best surfers in Denmark, a surf shop owner, surfboard shaper and a lot more. Stay tuned!