Spot guide Ericeira for intermediate & advanced surfers

To celebrate the season-opening of our camp in Ericeira we had a chat with Olympian surfer for Germany and Lapoint Advocate, Marlon Lipke, to explore the details of some of the most popular waves in Ericeira for advanced surfers. Dive in below to soak up some local knowledge about tides, swells and hazards at the legendary spots Coxos, Crazy left, Backdoor, Reef, Pedra Branca and Sao Juliao.


Photo cred pedromestre.com / @pedromestrephoto


During the interview, Marlon gives us insight into what he describes as a versatile swell magnet out of the ordinary, perfect for less crowded, peaky fun during summer.


Photo cred pedromestre.com / @pedromestrephoto


Get to know more about Marlon and his surfing adventures in Portugal and around the world as he shares helpful advice about where to go in and out at the most popular spots in town.


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