– One of the best weeks ever!

Filip Hedin from Stockholm, Sweden and Marie Rugland from Stavanger, Norway were two of many teenagers that surfed, soaked in the sun, played water polo and laughed their way through the summer at the youth camp in Ericeira, Portugal last year.

Hi, you! Let’s wind back the time to summer and sun. How was the youth camp in Portugal?
Filip: – I have to say that the week with Lapoint was the best week during the whole summer last year. I had so big expectations because my best friend had told me so much great about it, but everything was true! We did awesome activities every single day like water polo, yoga, ping pong tournaments, head to town and just chill a lot by the camp with our new friends.
Marie: – My week in Portugal was one of the best I’ve ever had in my life! It was an awesome week, truly an experience I’ll never going to forget. The week was full of fun activities, as well as we had a lot of time to chill and do what we wanted ourselves. I got so many new friends that I’m still in touch with and I got totally hooked on surfing!

Marie with a proper Shaka style.
Well, that’s great! So what was the best activity except for the surfing?
Filip: – The best activity except surfing must have been hanging out with buddies and playing in the pool – it was so much fun! We laughed, played ball, talked and bathed. It’s probably not one specific activity, but just being able to hang with friends and do what you want is so cool!
Marie: – We did a lot of different things, so it’s not easy picking the best. The staff at the camp let us do almost whatever we wanted to, so we almost had so much fun. Except the surfing, which was the best part, I found playing water polo and having ping pong tournaments the funniest. This way we got to know each other even better and we had a great time. It was also nice to go into town, learn about surfboards and just chilling in the sun and hang by the pool. I tended to be quite tired after surfing, so it was nice to just lay down a the sun beds and relax.

Water polo and playing in the backyard.
And how was the surf? Had you tried it before?
Filip: – Surfing is not easy, but one of the funniest sports I’ve ever tried. I got so stoked on surfing in Portugal and have already planned a trip to Bali or Sri Lanka the upcoming summer to surf even more – and hopefully learn more. It was my first time, but definitely not the last. I haven’t surfed since Portugal though, but it’s not too long before I head down to Bali or Lanka!
Marie: – I’d surfed a couple of times before, but I never got quite into it like I did in Portugal. I got sooo hooked! To feel the improvements from day to day and to master the forces of nature is truly incredible. I’m lucky to be living in Stavanger, meaning I’ll be able to surf a bit on my own once in a while.

A surfed out and surf stoked Filip.
Did you travel alone or with someone? Did you get any new friends down there?
Filip: – I travelled with a friend of mine that was there the year before. She though it was so cool so she went the next year as well, and I though it sounded fun so I joined. I got many friends all around in only a weeks’ time, and we’re still in touch with each other. We’re talking about getting up and surfing again somewhere.
Marie: – I travelled with friends as well, but I got so many new friends at the camp. Some travelled with friends and some travelled alone, it didn’t really matter as everyone was so nice and welcoming. Ever since we left the camp we’ve been in touch with each other on Facebook and we’re trying to have a reunion soon. I must say that we turned into this big family down in Portugal and had so much fun.