The NOR Freeski team tried out surfing in Bali

You might have seen them at the X-games in Oslo with skis attached, but how are they on a surfboard? Lapoint Surf Camp Bali had the pleasure of welcoming the world’s best freeskiiers from the Norwegian team. Have a look how the guys handled the more fluid element.
Photo by Nor Freeski, Norwegian Ski Federation
Hi Chris! You’re the captain of the Norwegian Freestyle Ski Team, and you are therefore in charge of this trip with 6 young, energetic guys, let loose on an island like Bali. 100 % enjoyment from your point of view or also a bit of babysitting?
– Haha, yes, you know our team is a very energetic group of people aging from 16 to 22, and something is always going on! I must admit that I was a bit curious on how it was gonna work out when we decided to put one of our dryland-camps to Bali, but so far, so good!
Pretty sick that you guys go surfing for a week. Is this to get the thoughts away from skiing or just because you love surfing?
– In our team program, we have a few mandatory dryland camps, where we focus on physical and mental sides of our sport that we believe will contribute to the athletes total performance, i.e. strength training to prepare for a long season to come. The athletes have now been on a ski camp in Australia (Perisher Mtn.) the past weeks, with a lot of skiing, so we thought why not have one of our dryland camps on our way home from Australia? Adding surfing to the camp, which demands a lot of the same core muscles, balance, coordination and so on, in addition to Yoga (felxibility/mobility training), X-fit and more, we really make up for some tough weeks for the body skiing, and prepare ourselves for the next ski camps.
– Team culture is also an important perspective of the camp, knowing that we’ll be traveling in close quarters to each other the next 6 months. Working together outside our comfort zones in an environment that’s far away from snow and skiing, but still demands a lot of the same as skiing, surfing and the other activities we are doing here, is an alternative and new type of camp we are trying out now. Maybe it will become an annual camp for us.
What are the similarities between surfing and skiing? How beneficial is it to have a solid skiing background when entering the blue ocean on a surfboard?
– As I touched into on the question above, I believe there are several similarities in terms of the physical and also psychological sides of skiing vs surfing. Reading the ocean and the waves though, is something we really have learned a lot about through our courses down here. That’s a totally new ballgame! Our team has really picked up a lot this week though, and I believe the athletes are really quick learners of surfing. Their balance, coordination, endurance and willingness to succeed have definitely played a major role in that. The last day was a hit for all of us!
The team riders are usually busy with either playing beer pong or just running around, but are clearly stoked from the surfing they’ve been having.
Øystein: Most epic wave you’ve caught now in Bali?
– Most epic wave was at Kadungu on the last day of the camp. It feels like on of the coolest things I have ever done!
Photo by Nor Freeski, Norwegian Ski Federation
Felix: Best trick pulled on a surfboard?
– I don’t know what the best trick pulled on a surfboard is, but I have seen John Florence do some cool flips and spins. I do more enjoy watching people cruise the longboard, looks so chill and fun.
Birk: Pro skier, but a rookie surfer. How does it feel in the lineup?
– It feels good to be a pro skier and a rookie surfer! If it was up to me, I would call myself a rookie surfer though! Haha! I love both of the sports and I will give it my best to some day become a pro surfer also!
Photo by Nor Freeski, Norwegian Ski Federation
Klaus: Got a crush on any surfer or skier out there?
– Can’t say I have a crush on anyone out there right now, but I sure kept a good eye on one surfer girl I met in Bali.
Luke: Last one get the toughest: Who’s the best surfer on the team and why?
– I think the most improved and the best surfer on the team would have to go to Felix. When we first got to Bali he was just standing up on waves, but by the end of the camp he was reading the waves really well, getting some decent cut backs, and was consistently getting waves every session.
The boys tried out the Level 1-, Level 2- and Level 3 surf courses that are offered at the camp. Big thanks to you Chris for choosing Lapoint for your team week in Bali. We’ll see you around in the future at our camps or in the lineup! Until then, we’ll follow you and the team on the World Wide Web!