Moving for love – of kiting and Esposende

Kite fanatic, Elin (26) from Sweden, visited us in Esposende last summer. Now she is coming back as our camp manager, and she is excited to share her love for Portugal with you! We had a chat with Elin about what you can expect during your stay at her kite paradise.



What is your favorite thing about Esposende?

There is always something going on, and the town never sleeps. I immediately fell in love last year, and I ended up staying three weeks longer than planned. I met a lot of like-minded friends who made my stay unique. One of my best memories from last year is from the boat that takes us from the kite spot and back to the kite centre; we had been kiting in perfect conditions all day, and the song “Mafiosa” was playing out loud on the boat. We were singing, dancing and taking flips out in the water while the sun was setting in the horizon. Moments like these make you want to stop the time to eternalize the joy, the laugh and the vibe.



How does a normal week look like in Portugal’s kite paradise?

Every day is unique, and that´s what I love. The day starts with breakfast before a surf session, yoga practice or a mountain bike ride. The wind usually picks up around noon, and we continue kiting until sunset. I kite, hang out with the guys on the beach and I also enjoy taking pictures of everyone.



We have dinners together in the evening, either barbeque in the villa, or at one of the delicious restaurants in Esposende. Wednesdays are my favorite – we get served the best ribs I have ever eaten before we continue the night at “Pirate bar”– where the vibe is awesome.



How will the summer as camp manager be?

It includes so many things close to my heart, like the sea, kiting, surf, photography and amazing people – I am obviously very excited! The place is fantastic for kiting in flat water and in waves, and you can surf good waves when there is no wind! There are also plenty of no-wind activities, like bike rides, wakeboard, SUP, horseback riding or a day trip to the town of Porto. We will have a great time together in the Lapoint villa this summer, and I can´t wait to meet everyone who visit the camp!



By the way, how did you start kiting?

The first time I saw kiters was during a holiday in Cape Verde in 2013. I was so impressed, and kiting was immediately added to my bucket list. But my other passion in life, horse riding, required a lot of time and money, and I did not have the chance to follow my kite dream until last summer. I booked a trip with Lapoint and ended up staying four weeks instead of one! I started with a week in Sardinia before I continued to Esposende, where I rebooked my home flight three times. I did not want to leave paradise!



When did you realize that you were addicted to kiting?

I will never forget the first time I stood up on the board with an upright position. It felt so easy, like I had been doing this my whole life, and I could continue into the eternity. It was just me and open sea.  It was the best feeling ever. I look forward to create similar experiences for our guests this summer in Esposende. Welcome to paradise!