Costa Rica is, for many people, the ultimate tropical paradise. We sat down for a chat with one of the lucky ones that can call this place his home. Read all about camp manager Niels’ journey and best tips for Santa Teresa.



Why did you fall in love with Costa Rica?


I first came to Costa Rica two years ago on a one-month surf vacation. By the end of the trip I had so many good relations and memories, that I knew I had to come back at some point! During a surf trip in Sri Lanka earlier this year, I was offered the opportunity to go back to Lapoint surf camp Santa Teresa –  this magical place in Costa Rica. With the Pacific swell pumping, world-class surfing, cosy cafes and a palm tree covered coastline, I couldn’t ask for a better location!



What is the best thing about camp life?


I believe it’s very healthy to meet so many people from different countries and backgrounds – it will definitely give you some new perspectives. We also have our own local staff here at camp, which is a good chance to get to learn more about the country. In general, if you stay open-minded, you will develop some great friendships in a very short period of time.  Those friendships are absolutely priceless and one of the best parts of staying at one of the Lapoint camps.



What’re your best tips for Santa Teresa?


Go surfing early in the morning or in the late afternoon – this leaves you with a full day to indulge yourself in all the great activities the area has to offer. When the tide drops low, huge reef lagoons open just 4 km south of the camp, which makes it perfect for snorkelling. It’s also great to just go for a long walk by the beautiful beach, soak up the tropical weather and enjoy the stunning nature.



Where is your fave surf spot?


That has to be Playa Hermosa! It’s a beautiful sandy beach located by the Northern side of town. Here you get multiple A-frame peaks and enough space in the lineup for everyone to catch waves!



What made you pursue a life by the sea?


I grew up in the countryside in Denmark and was always very inspired by nature. From a very young age, I did a lot of swimming, sailing and kitesurfing – before falling in love with surfing in later years. I also educated myself as a boat builder, which means I will always be near the water, no matter where in the world I’m located! It’s a great feeling to have that guaranteed.