Meet adrenaline hunter Ebba Cronqvist

Hey, Ebba! We are happy that you could take a moment and join this interview. Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you are up to at the moment?
– Hey Lapoint! Happy you reached out to me. Ebba is my name and I am, apart from studying Civil Engineering at Lund University, running the On Edge community together with my friends Evelina Björk and Line Asp. I love my studies and the student life but my biggest passion is adrenaline filled outdoor activities. This is something that the student life lacks and the reason why we created On Edge.

How did you come up with the idea of starting a community for girls that loves adventures?
It was fall, a bit more then a year ago. I was sitting at home preparing for an upcoming exam and suddenly decided to go through some pictures from my previous ski season. I just wanted to throw my books aside and book my next trip straight away. I soon realised that the only travel buddies that would be stoked on this next epic trip would be a bunch of guys that I’d been skiing with before. Fantastic peeps but I really felt that there must be some stoked ladies out there craving the same activities and adventures as me. At that time I was active in a few Facebook groups which encouraged me to start a new community with a nisch. To my surprise more than 6000 girls had the same love for adventures as I and joined the community!

What is it that attracts girls to join On Edge you think? What is it that On Edge provide to its members?
– I believe a lot of girls want to explore and experience more adventures and extreme sports then they usually do. Guys are very active within the actionsport scene and I feel that there is a need of more female influencers within the scene in order to encourage more girls to step outside their comfort zone. On Edge is growing rapidly with this type of inspiring personalities and thats what makes the forum so fantastic. All types of questions are asked frequently in the forum, there is no prestige, only good vibes. I believe that many girls have had the same experiences as me, finding it difficult to find like-minded girls to share adventures with. On Edge feels like a solid solution to this problem since the forum provides like-minded girls a platform where we can express and inspire each other.

You recently came home from the first On Edge group trip with Lapoint in Portugal. How come you choose Lapoint as your partner for this first group trip?
– The forum has a lot of active surfers and many newbies wanting to learn surfing. Its a recurrent topic in the On Edge facebook forum and Lapoint has circulated frequently in the forum. This spring we asked our members what they wanted On Edge to arrange in the future and 80% of the members voted for gatherings and trips. I couldn’t see any reason not to arrange a trip as epic as the ones Lapoint offer. You guys are after all professionals at what you do so I was happy to set up a collaboration and arrange our first group trip with Lapoint.

What was the top 3 experiences during the On Edge surf trip and what was there any experience that you and the On Edge members will remember for life?
– Personally it felt fantastic to meet On Edge members and FINALLY go on a trip with a crew of stoked girls. We left the dark Swedish fall behind and experienced some rememberable surf session from dusk to dawn. I will never forget when the Level 1 had their first surf lesson in the waves and how the surfstoke spread across the beach every time someone successfully popped up on the board. The sound of the stoke could be heard all over the Lisandro beach. Its difficult to select one experience that we will remember for life. It might sound cheesy, but it was the combination of experiences during the week that all together created one big life-long memory. It was really fun to get to know each other while developing our surf skills.

Last but not least, how do you join the On Edge community and will On Edge arrange more trips in the future?
– Easy! Search and join us on facebook “On Edge – en mötesplats för tjejer som söker äventyr”. This is where the daily activities take place and more members join for each day that pass. If you are looking into spicing up your days and meet like-minded girls, we are here for you, one click away. You can also follow us on instagram and on our website. Oh yes, we will definitely arrange more trips. It works so well when joining together like we did and to use our knowledge to arrange the best trip possible.
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On Edge web: www.onedge.se
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On Edge forum: www.facebook.com/groups/OnEdgeInspiration/
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