Marthe went against the current, to a beachy office

Originally from Norway, Marthe Muriel (24) studied in Cape Town, Copenhagen and Seoul – before pursuing a fairytale adventure as camp staff at Lapoint.
After exciting assignments in Costa Rica and Sri Lanka, we had a chat with Marthe from her new home in Gianyar, Bali.

You have recently completed a challenging bachelor degree from prestigious universities in Europe, Africa and Asia; what made you apply with Lapoint rather than a more traditional career?
This adventure started in the world’s most beautiful surf spot: HODDEVIK!

After travelling to Hoddevik and meeting the people there I realised Lapoint was the perfect fit for me. I decided to put my degree to the side and leapt into a world of surf, happy people and Goodtimes!
You are now in Bali, what are your first impressions?
I live on the beach with walking distance to some of the world’s best waves, Keramas and KFC. Bananas, papaya and coconuts grow outside my window – isn’t that crazy!?!
Best of all are the people here, I’ve never met a more loving group of people in my life.
Great people, fruit and surf, that’s all I need to be happy!

Many will know you from your involvement with beach clean-ups. How do you contribute in the local communities you interact with through Lapoint?
I can’t accept a future where we are the cause of destroying the ocean, so through Lapoint I help organise weekly beach clean-ups where we invite guests and locals to join.
I’m proud to say that we collected more than 12 tonnes of plastic last year!

How does a typical day play out for you?
When the alarm goes off at 05:15 I put on a swimsuit and have some coffee before I bring my blue longboard to go surfing out front. After a tasty breakfast of bananas and mango, I put in a few hours at the tropical office.
The rest of the day I spend around the camp, hanging out with the guests before we go for another surf before sunset. Haha, after almost two years it still feels unreal to call this a ‘typical’ day 🙂

What’s the best part of working at a surf camp?
The luxury of going surfing every day as part of the job never gets old.
Most of all, the opportunity to live with – and continue to grow – the oceanic family!
– To all the Lapoint surfers out there; you are the best part of my life!
To join the fun, visit Marthe and the gang in Bali or start your own adventure working for Lapoint.