Left city life for a kite career with Lapoint

The 26-year old economist was a rookie in the sport when she quit her job and moved to Portugal to take the job as camp manager at the kite camp in Esposende.

“Kiting is easier and even more amazing than what I thought it would be” – Josefine
Hey, Josefine! Who are you?
– Hi, I am a 26-year old adventurer, sports enthusiast and lover of nature and life. I have a degree in economy, and I used to work with sales, in real estate and with TV-production. Lately, I have tried to work near high mountains to go skiing, or by the beach to surf and to kitesurf.

When and where did you start kiting?
– I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to learn kiting while I worked for Lapoint last summer. I was hooked from the beginning, and I loved the freedom of kiting out towards the open sea.
Why did you apply for the job as kite camp manager for Lapoint?
– I was tired of my office job and the big city-life fuzz. I wanted to travel and my dream was to combine adventure and work. The camp manager job for Lapoint was the perfect opportunity.

“Hi, sorry I didn’t pick up my phone. Was busy connecting with nature ” – Josefine Sjöstrand
Describe a normal day at work in Esposende?
– It is difficult to describe a normal day, as each one is filled with different activities. There is always something to do in Esposende. The camp manager gets to join all the activities we arrange for the guests, and every day is fun and adventurous.
– A normal day starts with breakfast. Some guests have already been mountain biking or practicing yoga. We are often ready to go wave surfing after breakfast. The wind normally kicks in around lunch. The boat takes us to the kite spot on the other side of the river, in a beautiful nature reserve with long white sand dunes. The beginners take their lessons in the lagoon. This is also where kiters who like to kite in flat water prefer to be. There are often good conditions for wave kiting in the ocean on the other side of the sand dunes.

There is always something to do in Esposende. A sand bar separates the surf from the kite lagoon.
– We might hit the cable park for wakeboarding or do a day trip to the city of Porto if there is a day without wind. We eat dinner together every evening at one of the local restaurants. The atmosphere is always good and the food is delicious. I especially enjoy the seafood, fresh and always straight from the sea. There are two nightclubs in Esposende, Biba and Pacha, for those who want to end the night with a party!

As camp manager you get to join all the activities during the week
What is your advice to beginners who want to start with kiting?
– I was a complete rookie last summer. I thought it looked fun, but I could never have dreamed of how fantastic kiting actually was! Many people think it looks technically difficult and some are afraid by all the gear. Invest time in the beginning. Go to a camp somewhere warm and with good kite conditions. This will give you consistency and many days in a row to practice. Believe me, it takes time, hard work and practice to be independent and self-confident with the kite. However, the progression you will experience from the day you understand the concept of kiting and ride your first meters is so much faster that what you would ever imagine! You will rapidly find yourself doing jumps, riding the waves and doing tricks and grabs, even though this wasn´t your goal to start with.

Kite love: Camp manager Josefine and instructor Tommy look forward to welcoming you in Esposende and Sardinia this spring and summer.
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