Ine chose beach over office

Have you ever considered logging off your computer, quit your job and live the good life on an island with only the surf forecast and sunscreen stock to worry about? Ine Haugen from Norway did just this and is now working as our camp manager in Sri Lanka.

So who are you and when and where did you start surfing, Ine?
– Hi, I’m Ine from the town of Stavanger on the west side of Stavanger. I just turned 28 years old! I’ve been surfing for more than 10 years, but really just for real for about 5, if you know what I mean 😉 My first time was when I went to a place called Jæren with my brother. I instantly got so stoked and wanted to learn more, which eventually resulted in me working for Lapoint in Norway and Morocco, which is now some time ago. This is where I got pretty good at it. Now it’s so much fun and I never want to stop.

Where have you surfed and do you have any favorite spots?
– I have been surfing a bit around 🙂 Here’s my list: Portugal x 2, France, Fuertaventura x 2, Scotland, Brasil, Morocco x 4, Indonesia x 4 og Norway x 100. I lovesurfing at home at Jæren, but I have to admit that I’m in love with the Indonesia waves. The waves there are so perfect that it’s just you who set the limits to what’s possible.

When do you decide to apply for a camp manager at Lapoint?
– There were several reasons that got me into touch with Lapoint again, after a longer period of career hunting in Norway. First of all was the longing for more surf. I tore my ligament in the skate bowl a year ago. It was heart breaking to be away from everything I loved for 9 – 12 months. When the summer was gone and my knee was finally good again I had 6 months in Sri Lanka waiting for me! This was at the same time as there were some cut downs in the company I was working in, so I left by my own choice, got a good settlement and packed my bags! It was almost faith that I ended up in Lapoint.

How’s a typical day at the surf camp in Sri Lanka?
– There are two things I do every day: answering emails and surf! I’m so lucky to be living at the surf camp, making it possible for me to do most of my assignments, meetings and working 10 meters from the beach. I have to admit though that it could be a bit distracting once in a while 🙂 I also often take a small scooter ride to have some juice or coffee with my awesome colleagues.

And what about your future? Are you heading back to office anytime soon?
– Really good question! I’ll give it a think and get back to you when I have an answer to that. No, I’m heading to South Africa for a vacation for a couple of weeks and then on to California. I have no clue what the fall brings though. Maybe back to the office or just keep on surfing every single day!

Filming and editing: Christian Hagen Nordby