How to bro like a pro

Lapoint Advocates Andreas Møgster & Espen Evertsen went on a boys’ trip to our surf camp Portugal with Goodtimes chaser, Emil Sollie. The purpose of the trip was to reconnect through their passion for surfing and indulge in boyish behaviour.



To better understand the purpose of the holiday we asked Espen; “what makes a great boys´ trip?”


“First of all, I think it’s super important that you have the same expectations for the trip. We all love surfing so we go to bed early and rise with the sun for the dawny session. We had 2-3 surf sessions every day and spent heaps of time in the skate bowl at the camp, so having the same energy level is also important in a brodown”, Espen explained.


Having fun with old and new friends in a welcoming atmosphere are key ingredients in our Goodtimes, which Espen finds valuable in the bro-bonding process: “When you’re doing fun activities together it creates strong memories, so if you have similar interests as your friends you should definitely pursue those together”, he said.


Andreas agrees and adds: “Back home everyone is busy with their day-to-day lives, so by going away together we get some much-needed quality time with the boys. Making the most of our time off, for me it’s a huge plus that the camp in Portugal is so close to home, with just a four-hour flight from Oslo to Lisbon before a quick drive straight to the camp and the waves.”



“So, how did you get into surfing in the first place?”


“Coming from Larvik in Norway we got introduced to the surf spot at Saltstein when we were around 15 years old. Using a wetsuit that was too small and sneakers with plastic bags inside, we battled with the ocean until we managed to catch our first waves. When I look back at that time it´s kind of crazy that we continued, but I am so glad we did,” said Espen. “It’s amazing when you a find a passion that makes you push through all kinds of boundaries – no matter how challenging they might seem,” he said.


He continues: “From there Møgster and I became Lapoint Ambassadors during our university studies and organized student trips to Portugal and Morocco every semester for the students. Because these were such a great way for everyone to get to know each other while having heaps of fun at the same time, these trips got really popular at our uni and we got to go on at least two surf trips per year.”



“Cool! What makes Portugal the perfect destination for a surf trip?”


“It’s got the whole package – close to home, easy to navigate, great food and welcoming people. Most importantly, the surf spots in Ericeira are world famous and the waves are usually pumping in the fall. Also, Quinta Lizandro is different than a typical surf camp, making the surf life an even smoother experience!” said Espen.”


Andreas continues: “The camp has a skate bowl, gym, pool and bar & restaurant where you can eat brekkie, lunch and dinner, which means you don’t have to organize a lot of stuff and can focus on the Goodtimes. Also, with walking distance to the beach, it’s very easy to do stuff at your own pace, which creates a super chilled vibe. Taking the stress out of the planning is key for a good energy in the group.”



What are the best surf spots in Ericeira?


“The best spot always changes with the conditions, but living right in the middle of the action, all we needed to do was look out the window and start the daily mission. There are so many options in Ericeira, like Foz do Lizandro, Matadouro and Ribeira with loads of others nearby, said Espen.


“During our stay, we also surfed up towards Peniche and stopped by the Rip Curl Pro to check out the pros shred at Supertubos. The vibe was awesome and it was encouraging to watch how the guys took on the big barrels”, Andreas said.


Aiming for a higher level, the boys also had a couple of classes with the coach of the Coaching program, Paolo do Bairro: “He gave us some great pointers on how we should ride cleaner and slash harder. This made us push each other throughout the trip and created an atmosphere where everyone went all in. Nothing creates broments more than when you overcome challenges together!”, said Andreas.



“Good point! What else will fuel the flames of a bromance? “


“We had some great evenings with loads of tasty food, cold beers and good chats! I would say the best restaurants in Ericeira are Tik Tapas, Prim, Pizza Mobile, Limipicos and Uni Sushi. The week as a whole was just amazing with great surf, food and friends”, said Espen.


“Any other cool stuff you would recommend for a boys´ trip to the surf camp in Ericeira?”


“We enjoyed some time hanging by the pool and also checked out the awesome Lapoint skate bowl – which is heaven for skaters and surfers! The lines and size are perfect and having the skate bowl to ourselves was a dream come true”, Andreas explained.


“This trip really triggered our wanderlust and got us even closer as a group as well, so we’ve already started planning our next boys´ trip for more waves and much more banter. Can’t wait!”, said Espen.



Photo credit, all photos: @emilsollie