Guide to Ubud, Bali

An exciting mix of the traditional Bali and a new age society in a tropical oasis of hanging gardens. Add to that countless first-rate restaurants, the world leading yoga places, varied shopping and activities and it’s easy to understand why Ubud is immensely popular with our guests at Lapoint Bali. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Ubud.



Monkey Forest

How fun are monkeys? Like, seriously. The monkeys of Monkey Forest are chilling out, eating fruits and swinging by the tail on their way to happiness. Well accustomed to tourists, they are comfortable getting up close and personal with you to pose for photos. In fact, they’re even a bit too comfortable at times, so hold on to your belongings as these monkeys seem to crave the latest in fashion and jewelry. Being on public display like that, I guess we can’t blame them for wanting to look their best.



Goa Gaja (Elephant Cave)

Nobody seems to know the exact origin of this mesmerizing cave temple, but it contains both Hindu and Buddhist carvings which date back as far as the 11th century. Although listed in the cultural category with UNESCO’s World Heritage you’re allowed to walk through parts of the temple for a closer look. Giving unique insight into the history of Bali, this place is worth the short drive from Ubud.



Yoga Barn

Best described as a meditative oasis for yoga in Ubud, this yoga heaven is a bucket-list place to visit for anyone who likes to spend some time on the mat. We enjoyed a power yoga while listening to tropical birds and children playing in the distance as ambient sounds. It was without a doubt one of the best yoga sessions we’ve ever had. Their offering includes a spa and a vast range of different classes for all levels of yoga practitioners. In the center, there’s an inviting restaurant under a beautiful hanging garden.



Ubud Art Market

A trip to Ubud is not complete until you’ve discovered the treasures of the traditional Ubud Art Market. Also referred to as Pasar Seni Ubud, this colourful collection of the amazing woodwork, paintings, and handcrafted art is sure to leave you inspired. Whether you find an authentic traditional Balinese handbag, some decorative wood items for the home or go all in on sarongs and clothing, haggling is a part of the experience and is encouraged with a smile.



Tegenungan Waterfall

If you travel to Bali without visiting a tropical waterfall or two, did it really happen? Luckily, there are several waterfalls and around Ubud. We chose Tegenungan for its size and the many chill-out spots at its base. You can even get some tan and swim underneath it for the ultimate waterfall experience. As the beauty and appeal of Tegenungan is no longer a secret, we recommend going early in the morning to avoid the crowd.



Earth Cafe & Market

Some call it a hidden gem, while others refer to it as a staple of healthy food in Ubud. This small cafe seconds as a market with all kinds of cookies, seeds, and elixirs created to boost your being. We feasted on a vegan egg sandwich and a chia pudding with great joy. We also bought a pack of cacao cookies with chia seeds, which were supposed to last rest of the trip, but, you know, life happened.



Bali Buda

Want to know where to eat in Bali? Bali Buda is a sure bet almost wherever you are with locations in Ubud, Bukit, Gianyar and Kerobokan (near Canggu and Seminyak). We loved the plastic-free menu which also provided tips for healthy eating and living. Speaking of tips; order the Raw flax pizza crackers. Just do it, we promise it’ll make your day!



For more tips on Bali, ask our friendly staff or check out our Guide to Bali and Guide to Canggu.


Ecstatic dance at Yoga barn