Grabbing #goodtimes photos at Lapoint for a living

Bahamas, Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii, Indonesia, Peru, Panama.. the list of Marina Weitz’ journeys goes on and on and on. Follow along as she takes us through a typical day in her life of capturing beautiful moments at the camp in Sri Lanka.

Marina surfs whenever she’s not behind the camera.
Who are you, where are you from, where have you been, what are you doing now?
– I’m Marina from Jupiter. Jupiter, Florida… not the planet. I’m thirty one years old and really got hooked on surfing when I was nineteen. I spent the first four years of my re-birth (surfing life) though at university in New York, so I didn’t get out too much till I started traveling on school holidays and then after graduation.
Glassy and classy Sri Lanka
So how did you get into photography?
– My first trips were close to home to the Bahamas and Costa Rica, as well as cross country road trips to California. About a year after I graduated, I moved abroad and have since traveled to Mexico, Peru, Hawaii, New Zealand, and have lived in Indonesia, Australia, Panama, and now Sri Lanka, all in the name of surfing! Unfortunately I’m no pro though and have found my other greatest passion, photography, as a means to live this amazing lifestyle.
Costa Rica
– I’ve actually been shooting photos longer than I’ve been surfing. I took my first introductory photography course when I was fourteen years old and it was a hobby ever since (till finally making it my profession). I think it’s in my nature to be more of an observer than a partaker, and the medium fulfills my creative thirst to express myself.
What’s your favourite subject / thing to shoot?
– For the longest time, I didn’t actually like to shoot surfing because I’d feel too much like I was missing out in the waves, but I’ve calmed down a bit (haha). Now I really enjoy it. I love watching how so many different people ride the same wave so differently. I love capturing the perfect moment when a surfer really connects and flows with the wave. And I LOVE how all the natural elements really have to come together to create a special moment: the ocean conditions, the perfect moment of a wave, the lighting, and the surfer all have to be in perfect timing to get “the shot”. Other than shooting surfing, I love to shoot portraits, a bit of nature when I see really cool wildlife (I love the jungle), and I love to try and capture the essence of what the places I travel to are all about to me.

Sri Lanka
Any tips or tricks to avid surf trip photographers?
– If I had to give anyone a tip for shooting or really learning anything, it’d just be to keep experimenting and find what works for you! There shouldn’t really be any rules to how you use your camera (maybe don’t bang it against a wall and / or use it as a hammer?). I think that’s how creativity gets crushed… with rules! And hammers.
Sri Lanka
What’s a typical day for you in Sri Lanka?
– A typical day for me here in Sri Lanka is pretty awesome! I wake up for the sunrise to shoot surfing, have our delicious breakfast buffet at the camp, take more photos, hang with guests and meet all the people that visit us from around the world, do some editing, have lunch, come home to see my honey ;), go for an afternoon surf with him, do my daily sit-ups to keep my core strong! Dinner, bed, then do it all again the next day. I love shooting, but I also love to wake up for the early on my days off as well and get the morning glass!
How are you liking Sri Lanka?
– So to answer the last question…I am LOVING Sri Lanka. The locals are super friendly, the waves are mellow, fun and consistent, and the Lapointe team here AND guests are great! No complaints.
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