Fun & games in Ericeira – all new activities for 2019

Summer has arrived in full force in Portugal, and we’re making the most of every moment here in Ericeira. In the water, at the beach, while big-city shopping or on the dancefloor, it’s all here for you to enjoy this summer! Find out more below about all the new activities we have in store for you this season 🏄💪🙏🤙



Whether you prefer to hang out in the pool bar & oceanview restaurant sampling our extensive menu of healthy, short travelled treats, or get active with our new range of activities  – our only guarantee is that you’re likely to have fun doing it and that there’s a crew of great people keen to join you.


Find your flow at a skateboarding lesson in the bowl, treat yourself to a drop-in yoga class, rep it out at a group training session or let our muscle relaxation maestro Micke help you relax with a glorious massage. Staying with us at Quinta Lizandro, YOU are in the driving seat, free to pick and mix the ingredients of your perfect holiday in Portugal.



By the way, if you’re keen to see more of the country and some out of town adventures, we invite you to join us for trips to nearby sightseeing gems like Lisbon and the majestic Santa ‘Ana winery, giving you the opportunity to fully enjoy the sights, sounds and flavours or this rich and diverse country.



Gym and group training sessions

We have a fantastic workout area, with a great outside box with monkey bars and loads of equipment surrounded by a large grassy activity field – all available for you to use freely. During the week, our highly qualified instructors also host group training sessions.   



Drop-in yoga classes

As a continuation of our Yoga & Surf retreats, to share the joy of yoga also with our surf-guests, every week we offer a varied schedule of add-on yoga classes for you to enjoy, available to all guests staying at the Quinta Lizandro. These are yoga classes of exceptionally high quality with professional, fun spirited yoga instructors. There’s a maximum of 15 people per class with different classes and content to suit all levels from beginner, intermediate and advanced.



Skate the bowl!

Break the barrier and find your new passion with our beginner course in skate -bowl skateboarding or just rent a board to cruise on your own, we have everything you need to find the flow.



Our beginner skate-class with professional skateboarding teacher will introduce you to the basics of bowl skating and skating technique, right here in our very own bowl at the camp.  The course is hosted in groups of no more than four students and goes for 90 minutes. Naturally, all gear and safety equipment is included. We also have surf skates available for rent if you’re an experienced skater, keen on a different experience. Come see us in the shop for more info on the course and to check out all the rental options.


Massage with Micke

Also new for this year is a range of delightful services like massages and biolight treatments delivered by professional massage and health therapist Mikael Dabrowski from Sweden. Whether you have a sore back after surfing and skating or just wants some well-deserved TLC, Micke will induce the rest and reinvigoration your mind and body requires.



Sightseeing in Lisbon

Every week we invite our guests on a trip to Lisbon, where we check out the cool shopping areas downtown around Cais do Sodré, stop by the viewpoint S. Pedro de Alcântara, Rossio square and enjoy the view towards the S. George’s castle while savouring the local vibe.


Photo by Tim Stief on Unsplash


From there we’ll walk along towards the magnificent Commerce Square and Chiado Quarter, passed Luis Camões Square before having lunch at the legendary Time Out Market or Comobá. During the trip, you will appreciate some of the old, famous architecture which makes this city a favourite amongst travellers from around the world. We also visit a popular coffee shop at S. Pedro de Alcântara for a rest and a tasty pick-me-up with a traditional ‘pastela de nata’ before heading back home. The duration of this trip is about 7.5 hours.


Wine tasting with friends in the countryside

During your stay, you are also welcomed on a visit to the beautiful Quinta Sant’Ana vineyard, situated 25 min drive from Quinta Lizandro. The trip includes transport, a guided tour of the winery and wine tasting of all their best wines, local cheeses and a barrel-load of giggles.



Local adventures in Ericeira

If you have an urge to go explore on your own or with a small group of friends we also have bikes and e-bikes available at the camp for your convenience. There are both nature tracks and several kilometres with wide sidewalk immediately outside which will lead you on a beautiful journey through the village and all the way to the famous lookout at Ribeira d’ilhas, perfect for a selfie and an explorer-hi-five.


Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash


In short, whatever your heart desires, all our staff here in Portugal will make sure you’ll have the best possible holiday with us here in Ericeira. Click here for further info about the camp and all the activities we offer.