Edvin takes students from the library to the surf

Last year Edvin and a big group of friends from his University left the library and computers behind for a one week of epic surf at Lapoint. We asked him about his lifestyle as a surfer and his experiences as a student surf trip organizer.

“It was in January when we sat in the middle of the Campus entrance with flip flops, Hawaiian-shirts, shorts, surfboards around, an inflatable palm tree, free coffee and a big smile that got people coming up to us!”
Hey Edvin! We are happy that you could take a moment from the studies for a quick chat. Before we go into the student trips, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you are up to at the moment?
– Hi! Really stoked to talk to you guys! I’m a happy guy who always tries to look on the bright side of life and laugh as much as I can! I just came home from four weeks of surf in Sri Lanka and now I’m just gonna focus on my studies at Lund University here in Sweden. I’m also doing a project which is the first of its kind in Sweden – a surfpodcast where I interview people in Sri Lanka about the passion of being a surfer.

Sounds fantastic! So how did you got into surfing? When was the first time you managed to pop up on a wave and how did it feel?
– I can still remember the first wave I caught many years ago in Australia! I had a stoked instructor behind me who was just screaming out of excitement. I popped up and first had a turn to the left and then right and then straight all the way back to the beach. To be one with nature is a feeling that I’ve felt before but never like this. After I found the passion for surfing all my trips are surf-oriented instead of before when I went on ski- and party trips where I was wrecked the week after. The biggest change for me is that every time when there is a storm in Sweden instead of being inside drinking tea and putting on warm clothes I plan where the best place is to surf.

What was your impression after your first stay at Lapoint?
– I was on level 3 and got video analysis from the one and only Paulo do Bairro in Portugal. He helped me improve and he even shaped my board that I’m riding now. I really improved my surfing and I met amazing people at the camp who had the same passion as me, which was so great and I still keep in contact with some of them today!

Now to the student group trips. When did you feel like organizing a student group trip and why did you choose surfing and Lapoint?
– Many people get interested when I say that I surf and they also tell me every time that they wanna learn. There is a ski trip arranged every year at the University but there has never been a surf trip. So I thought why not organize a surf trip for students? They can get to know each other outside the environment of the University, try surfing and have a really good time! It was a no-brainer to choose Lapoint because they have affordable prices for students, employees who are prioritizing the happiness of people who are traveling and the staff on the destination is outgoing and happy to see new guests every week!

How did you promote the surf trip and what was the most successful way of promoting your trip?
– Everyone was super-excited when they saw this golden opportunity to go away and learn to surf! We sat down in January in the middle of the Campus entrance with flip flops, Hawaii shirts, shorts, surfboards all around, an inflatable palm tree, free coffee and a big smile that got people coming up to us! It was really fun to see the reaction from people stopping for a chat about the trip. After that we started a Facebook group where we invited friends and students and then we started to spread the word.

What was easy and what was more challenging when organizing your first student surf trip? Any tips?
– The easy part was to get the hype up because students are happy to try new things. The more challenging was to make people book the trip, students have a tight budget and the trip was in the beginning of summer and everyone had the summer jobs in mind. It’s important to spread word, give a quick to responds when someone has a question or at least tell them to look it up and get back to them. Be clear of what’s included and not – don’t give too high expectations and instead let everyone get surprised during the trip instead.
What was the top experiences during the student surf trip and what was the feedback from students that joined in?
– The first day of surfing when everyone got back and was smiling and super stoked after catching the first waves EVER! The BBQ-dinner down at the beach front restaurant was a fantastic night with lots of food, music and laughs. Also, the staff was always happy and keen to help everyone which increased the overall experience.

What is the best thing with being a group trip organizer and why would you recommend someone to do the same?
– The best thing for me is that it involves my biggest passion in life, I don’t have to pretend and try to “sell” and for people that haven’t surfed it’s a lot of fun to organize and find new ways to reach out to students and in the end do a surf trip together with the students that goes to the same university and get to know everybody outside the study environment.
Massive thanks for your time Edvin. Keep surfing and spreading the good times buddy!
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