– Kiting is a combination of lifestyle, meditation and a sport, says Jeppe (24) from Aalborg. Meet the Danish app developer who will work as camp manager and coach at our camp in Croatia this summer.



What is kiting to you?

To me, kiting is so much more than a hobby. It provides freedom and an adrenalin rush not comparable to anything else in my life. I recommend kiting to everyone I meet; it’s the best feeling!



How will you provide kite-hungry guests experiences of a lifetime in Croatia?

The kite spot in Croatia is super cool with shallow, flat water, which is ideal for beginners who want to learn and riders who wish to practice tricks. There are also plenty of other easily accessible adventures lined up, such as climbing, paddling, biking, waterfalls, boat trips and wine tasting.



What is your coaching approach?

Most of all, I LOVE teaching! Based on my certification through IKO, we will have theory elements, practical lessons in the water and video analysis to identify improvement potentials. It will be a lot of fun!



What are your expectations for the summer?

I’m sure it will be fun and exciting. I worked as an instructor at the camp in Esposende last year, and I hope this summer will be similar with lots of new friends, friendly people and Goodtimes. Welcome to Croatia!