Daily routine with Alex in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Alexander Bengtsen is our country manager in Denmark, though he spends quite much of his time abroad with his mobile office and in search of solid waves. In 2016 he scored waves in places like Portugal, Sri Lanka, Jamaica and now he’s exploring the area of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, where we asked him for some insiders on how a day could look like in this exotic paradise.

Hi Alex, sweet to catch up with you, when you’re in Costa Rica. It’s your first time there, what’s your impression?
– A-W-E-S-O-M-E P-L-A-C-E !! Does that cover it? Haha, everything that I’ve experienced so far has been very positive. I had one day in Alajuela, a bigger city nearby San José, which were full of friendly people, clean and colourful streets, good selection of nice restaurants and a warm and welcoming vibe. Headed out to Santa Teresa, seeing some of the most beautiful nature along the way. Reaching Santa Teresa, my smile just got bigger. It’s a combination of all above, rapped with an even more mellow and inviting vibe + EPIC surfing. What more can you ask for? It’s truly an exotic paradise!

You’ve been there for a week now – give us some insights.. (?)
– Santa Teresa, or at least the place where most people hang out and surf, is one long beach with A LOT of surf peaks all the way down the beach. Parallel to it, a road follows, where all the restaurants, café’s, bars, houses etc. are placed. That’s it, basically. If you rent an ATV or go by car (or bike) you can explore the area outside this main beach and street. Going by ATV, which we did the other day, is seriously some of the funniest non-surf activities I’ve tried for a long time. We went to Playa Hermosa, a beautiful beach with more surf spots, to various small towns with charming houses and friendly people, a huge waterfall, where you can climb it and jump it, a brewery with delicious beers, natural saltwater pools on low-tide… The list just goes on. I recommend just exploring things on your own. Try the different restaurants, because there’s soo many of absolute high quality. Try the various surf spots, there’s many and they’re all great. So, if you have the opportunity, my suggestion is; COME HERE and explore!

Sounds like you’re having a good time? Do we get to see you back in Europe soon or are you staying for good?
– Still got a week left, though I wouldn’t mind if it was a month, or a year! ☺ Naa, had some nice weeks in Jamaica before I came here, so I’ve been a little more than a month on the road, which is enough for now. Going back to Denmark and look forward for a great surf season in Vorupør, my new hood, in the north of Jutland. But, will for sure go down to my all-time favourite Ericeira, Portugal, in the spring, to search some more for those excellent waves. So my winter surf-getaway is about to end, which is totally fine. But, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get back Santa Teresa in the future!