Spring sessions in Portugal

A bunch of stoked kiters; Emmi, Josi, Thomas & Marit linked up in Portugal to revel in the opportunity to kite in both flat water and waves in Esposende. Read on for Marit’s story on their trip to a place…
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Sardinia kite spot guide

Arrive at a beach with white sand and crystal clear water. It is blowing 20 knots, and there are only a few other kiters around. Welcome to the Island of Sardinia, “the windy island”, a mecca for kiters and the…
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– Kiting is a combination of lifestyle, meditation and a sport, says Jeppe (24) from Aalborg. Meet the Danish app developer who will work as camp manager and coach at our camp in Croatia this summer.     What is…
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Video edit: Sardinia spot guide

Our friend Thomas went on a mission to find the best kite spot in Sardinia. Check out the edit to join him on his hunt for Utopia! Find out more about Sardinia here. See you there!

Moving for love – of kiting and Esposende

Kite fanatic, Elin (26) from Sweden, visited us in Esposende last summer. Now she is coming back as our camp manager, and she is excited to share her love for Portugal with you! We had a chat with Elin about…
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-The feeling of landing a new trick is amazing beyond words. My strongest drive as an instructor is to give this sensation to other kiters, says Karl Johan Lublin (34), the instructor at our coaching course in Sardinia. We had…
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New video from Kite Camp Zanzibar

Zanzibar is where kite dreams come to life. Check out this new edit featuring the picturesque scenery with its azure blue water, beautiful beaches, and vibrant local culture to get a glimpse of what it’s all about. Join us on…
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Why learning to kite is FUN

After surfing for almost a decade, Jørgen from Norway was eager to increase his ocean riding abilities and visited us in Esposende, Portugal, to explore kiting. Read on for a first-hand impression of his experiences as a total beginner.  …
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10 reasons why yoga is great for surfers & kiters

Given the powerful connection between yoga and surfing & kiting we include yoga lessons in most packages, also offering yoga products at our camps in Sardinia , Esposende and Ericeira . Read on to discover why yoga will help you…
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Guide to Sardinia – Where to kite, eat & play by the bay

Gearing up for our fifth season in Sardinia we compared notes with professional kiter and Sardinia aficionado, Manuela Jungo, to help you get the most out of your trip to kiter’s paradise.     Endless kiting options   Manuela said…
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