A surf journey around the world with Ane Gyllstrøm

Our guest Ane Gyllstrøm started surfing with Level 1 a year and a half ago and is right now in Bali, having a go at the Level 3 surf course. Have a look at her fresh edit from the first day with the crew.

Hi, Ane! For those of us who don’t know you – who are you?
– Hi, you! I’m Ane, a 30 year old small ball of energy with a tiny lack of social antennas. I’m actually in Bali at the moment, but I spend most of my days in a tiny apartment in Oslo with my dog.

So how did you get into surfing and when was this?
– I started surfing a year ago here in Canggu and it took only two weeks before I got so hooked. I’ve been prioritizing surfing ever since. In 2016 I ended up surfing, nose diving and wiping out in Morocco, 3 x Portugal, Klitmøller, 3 x Norway and Sri Lanka.

What is it about surfing you like so much?
– I love everything surfing has to offer. It’s challenging, fun and I miss it everytime I’m not in it. It’s kind of like a boyfriend; something you often think about, long for, and something you look forward to seeing ago. You learn something new every time, both about the ocean and yourself. The whole package has gotten me hooked. The lifestyle, adrenalin rush, the calm ocean, feeling of success, the struggle and last but not least the wonderful people you meet along the way.

You’ve gone all the way from Level 1 to Level 3 in one year, how are you handling the Level 3 surf course?
– The Level 3 course is great. This time around I’m surfing bigger waves, paddled through stronger currents, wiped out harder and had more stuff pouring out of my nose later by the dinner table. I feel I’ve developed a lot this last year, mostly because I’ve been prioritizing surfing and getting better. The waves in Bali are super nice to surf for a semi kook like myself and there’s no better place to soak your face in before grabbing a sensational lunch.

Haha, some memorable moments?
– A couple of days ago I surfed this really big wave (according to myself). It was actually pretty small (according to Magicseaweed). I got so surprised that I even dared to paddle for it – it was 50 % encouragement from the surf instructor and 50 % me being a strong independent woman. It was so much fun for about 5 seconds before I got devoured by the white wash and thought I was going to drown. I cried a bit on the inside afterwards.

That sounded awesome and scary! What surfboard are you on and what does the future have in store for you?
– I bought a board in Norway at Surfshop.no, which is a 6.6″ and now I’ve gotten a freshly shaped board down here in Bali, which is a 5,7″. I tested the 5,7″ today and was suuuuuper happy that I handled it and did well. I’m looking forward to the future, to more good memories, great waves, salt water hair and freckles on the nose. 2017 looks awesome and next stop is Lofoten!