A company surf trip with Vendre web agency

We had the pleasure of hosting a company trip for the guys at the web agency Vendre, who were seeking an alternate and active way to spend their first company trip. We sat down with the organizer Gabriel Nordström to have a chat about their experience with surfing and how it has affected their organization.

Hi, Gabriel! Thanks for taking time to talk to us about your company surf trip. How did you get the idea to go surf instead of something more traditional?
– I’ve be surfing a few times before and have been to Lapoint’s camp in Hoddevik, Norway. I love the feeling of catching your first wave and how proud you get. I wanted to see how it would be taking my colleagues to Portugal and get that feeling together. I wanted to do something new and physically exhausting out in nature together with our web developers that never do that kind of stuff.

..and how did your colleagues react to this?
– Of course some of them were a bit nervous about the surfing thing, but they got pretty excited when I showed them Villa Lizandro, which we were staying at.
So how did it go?
– We had sooo much fun together in Ericeira. It was our first trip with the company and we really enjoyed every second of it. Surfing, good food, hang out at the beach, yoga, running in the mornings, great breakfasts, volleyball and just to chill out together at the camp. We even have some new born surfers here now 🙂

What was the best aspects of the surf trip?
– The surfing was really fun. To see my colleagues, who are total beginners, really try hard in the surf and the satisfaction they got when to caught their first waves were so powerful. We went from nervous to exhausted-lucky-proud-relaxed 🙂 That after-surf feeling is so nice. When you come together at the restaurant with a good dinner and drink some sangria – that feeling!
How has it been afterwards internally?
– I think it has strengthen our team and we got so much energy from the trip.
How was the planning process with Lapoint?
– I didn’t had too much time for planning because of work so Lapoint helped me out in a great and personalized way with planning the transfer, schedule, dinners, lodging etc.

Any recommendations to other companies who’s looking for an original company trip?
– Don’t be afraid for trying something new. A surf trip is a healthy way to get a great team building. It doesn’t matter that nobody has done it before and it was a great and fun experience even for totally beginners that spend the whole year in front of a computer.
Thanks for taking you the time to chat with us! Hope to see you again in the lineup in Portugal or somewhere else 🙂