5 guests share their insights on Surf Camp Portugal

Surf camp Portugal is preparing for the opening in March of another season of surf, sun and #goodtimes, so we asked five of our guests last year to name their favorite things about the camp and what makes it the perfect place to learn to surf or take your surfing to the next level.

Eline Lagerqvist Nilsen:
– I still want to go back to surf camp Portugal, even though I’ve been there four times already. It’s one of my favorite surf destinations. The best thing must be all the quality surf spots you have around. You can choose between beach breaks, point breaks, reefs, small or big waves – waves for all kinds of surfers. The sweet town of Ericeira, the nice people and all the great food makes me recommend this surf camp to everyone I meet. A great place with great surf!

Stefanie Cools:
– Last year in June I had a great experience at the surfcamp in Ericeira. It was the best way for me to travel alone for the first time. The kind and funny people at the camp made me feel at home in no time. I also loved the fact that you had a lot of freedom besides the surf school lessons, but that there was always a possibility to participate in awesome activities if you wanted to.

Samuel Bjørgan:
– What I like the most about surfcamp Portugal is the people! Everybody that works there are so open and funny, so staying at the camp is guaranteed to give you new friendships and good times. The camp itself is really nicely placed close to epic surf and good nightlife. It’s so nice that you can walk from the camp to a classy reef break.

Pernille Skipperud:
– I travel a lot by myself and the surfcamp in Portugal was a great place to get to know new people. Everything is put together so you get together in social settings and the staff is more than amazing to get you to feel welcome and at home at the surf camp. I met new friends at the surf camp in Portugal that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Ola Midtbø:
– I went to surf camp Portugal last summer and it turned out to be an amazing surf trip filled with sun. Not only did the great surf instructors teach me how to surf, but we also experienced a lot outside the surf as well. Some of the highlights must have been the trip to Lisbon and wine tasting out on the sick vineyard by the coast. This is absolutely not the last time I travel to the surf camp in Portugal.