10 reasons why yoga is great for surfers & kiters

Given the powerful connection between yoga and surfing & kiting we include yoga lessons in most packages, also offering yoga products at our camps in Sardinia , Esposende and Ericeira . Read on to discover why yoga will help you have more fun in ocean.

Yoga can help take your surfing to the next level for the following reasons:
1. Yoga helps increase flexibility, allowing you to reach the board and do grabs when you are kiting and be more agile when surfing.
2. Stretching will help you prevent common injuries that often occur with boardriders.

3. Yoga builds muscle strength that will help you perform better and shred harder.
4. Yoga improves balance, which will help you improve your stability doing tricks and turns.

5. Regular yoga practice increase focus, coordination and reaction time, keeping you on the board for longer, looking good and having fun!
6. Yoga improve your body awareness and posture, keeping your body straight, healthy and surf-ready.

7. Yoga has long been known to lower blood pressure and slow down the heart rate, keeping you calm in waves of consequence.
8. Many postures in yoga helps strengthen the bones for rough landings and bad wipe-outs.

9. Yoga increases peace of mind. Not every session, wave or event in life will go as we hoped.
10. Yogic breathing techniques will improve your lung capacity and strengthen your cardiovascular system, allowing you to kite for longer and keep your cool under water.

Now that you’ve found a healthy lifestyle with yoga, kiting and surfing you can stay active and fit forever!
Integrate yoga in your kiting & surfing by practising 45-90 minutes of yoga one or two days per week.
Keep it interesting by challenging yourself with new programs and poses.
From there, warm up with 10 minutes of dynamic stretching poses before your kite session and finish up with 10 minutes of static poses to give your body optimal recovery.
Join one of our surf- or kite camps to learn more and meet like-minded people!