Surf camp Portugal

Join our surf camps in the Mecca of surfing in Europe. Fill up your surf trip with good times, vineyards, fishing boats, and great surf in the corner of Europe.

A surf trip to Portugal

The narrow streets of Ericeira, mile long beaches of Alentejo, smell of fresh baked bread, olives and red wine - Portugal has it all. Tucked away in the corner of the continent, this country offers the the best surf Europe has to offer, and combines it with a chill vibe in the small fisherman’s towns stretching along the 1800 km coastline.

What the surf camp offers

Lapoint promises a buzzing atmosphere and meeting new people. This is what we guarantee - the rest is very much up to you. Some people spend all their time in the water, while others take the opportunity to relax or try other activities. There are many things to do at each surf retreat besides surfing, so we promise that you’ll have a blast during your stay with us. Each surfcamp offers its own local flavor, unique culture, and an amazing staff.

Our surf camps in Portugal

We have two different surf camps in Portugal. One of them is in Ericeira, about 40 minutes north of Lisbon. This is one of the world's best known surf towns and can offer plenty of great restaurants and small city life. Alentejo on the other hand, is located down south in a more remote part of Portugal, with empty beaches and a relaxed vibe. Both of our camps in Portugal offer, as always with Lapoint, new friends and great surf.