Training trips with a surf twist

Eilif Harloff from Eureka Kiropraktikk and Raymond Paldanius from the world of CrossFit in Oslo have both arranged training trips with Lapoint. Every training trip is different, though ingredients and goals are always the same: awesome experiences, new relations, and last but not least a lot of surf and stoke around the gym.

Eureka Kiropraktikk is arranging their sixt training- and therapy trip to sunny Portugal for pasients and ahtletes.
“It’s like a summer camp for adults – we always have a great vibe at our trips.” – Eilif
After having arranged so many trips what do you like the most with Lapoint’s offering and package?
Any special moments that you’re never going to forget?

Eilif: – Lapoint has good people that create an awesome vibe and the camp are clean and are great for our kinds of trips. They also have well kept equipment and really good instructors. It’s always great to see older and people on disability benefits getting on the surfboard in the surf and surfing into the beach with a big smile on their faces. It was incredible to see how that affected them.
Raymond: – The food is really good and the camp is so cosy. Lapoint is always there for you when you plan and book the trip as well with great follow up along the way. My greatest memories are when I see how happy people are at the trip and long after! The sense of achievement and being in control is the absolute best with surfing.

Raymond is the head coach at CrossFit Yggdrasil and has worked at CrossFit Oslo the last five years. They’re arranging their fifth training trip in a row to Portugal in June.
How is a typical day with you at the training trips?
Eilif: – Surfing is always first priority, so that controls how we set up the day. We kick off with some yoga before having a healthy breakfast. Then it’s either treatment or surf. We try to squeeze in a workout in the evening or just some more yoga before we grab a delicious dinner and chill out before going to bed. Yoga is amazing with surfing. You get stronger, increase your agility and it also works as recovery.
Raymond: – Every day is different, but we usually have 2 – 3 workouts a day. We put together the schedule so everyone can join in. Some days we go for a run, while some days we might surf. We also have gatherings like a night with wine at the camp and a day trip to Lisbon at our “rest day”. It’s important to us that our trips fit all kind of people 🙂

“CrossFit has a great social environments which we bring along on our trips, by doing CrossFit everyday at the camp. We also get to surf, which is great” – Raymond
Do you have any tips to clubs that want to go on training trips – where do they start?
Eilif: – Well, I’m always late in the process of planning, but we have the same setup every year. Lapoint does most of the job, but promoting starts about six months before departure and we do that mostly through Facebook and in our clinics. I would say that you should just go ahead and plan your training trip – it’s always a success.
Raymond: – We’ve actually put together the last couple of trips based on feedback as our trips actually gather the whole box. The first trip is always a bit nerve wrecking, but after that it’s all good. A great tip is to not promise too much, as for example sunshine everyday from 07:00 – 21:00. You can promise good times though, along with great workouts throughout the week. It’s cool to do something for the club and it’s a great team building. Great way to meet new people with the same mindset and interests.