Marthe quit her office job to chase the kite dream

It was love at first sight: Marthe’s passion for kiting started on a beach in Zanzibar and eventually made her resign her 9-4 job to chase perfect wind around the world. She has many tips to those who want to start kiting.

Hey, Marthe! Who are you, and when and where did you start kiting?
– Hey, I am Marthe, 27 years old. I’m a kite enthusiast and enjoyer of life. This summer you’ll find me working at the kite camp in Croatia and the kite camp in Sardinia.
– I started kiting in 2013. I discovered kiting for the first time on a beach in Zanzibar. I had never seen such sport before, and I admired the colourful kites until the sun went down. I was already convinced that I loved it and that I wanted to become a part of it. I signed up for a snowkite course in Norway the first weekend after returning from my holiday. It was love at first sight.

What is the best thing about kiting?
– Everything! I never feel more alive than when I am kiting. I love the combination of exploring beautiful places with active adventures. The kite society is growing with practitioners who care about nature, kiting and each other. The community is unique and including. You will always have someone cheering for you.
– I have planed kite trips and holidays with people I have hardly said “Hi” to on the beach, and I have met some of my best friends through kiting. Kiting is a gift that has opened a whole new world to me.

You are going to work in Croatia and in Sardinia this summer. Can you tell about these destinations?
– The camps in Sardinia and Croatia are located in places with few tourists, and you really get to be a part of the warm Mediterranean culture.
– Sardinia is a lush, warm and idyllic island outside of Italy. The locals are including and friendly. The camp is based on a small farm, run by Marco and his family. Patrizia, the mum, makes the most delicious Italian food using mostly organic products that are produced on the farm (veggies, fruits, cheese, eggs, herbs, ham, meat etc.). The kite spot, Porto Botte, is only ten minutes away, offering flat water and constant wind from May to October.

– Croatia also offers stunning nature, white beaches and flat water kiting. Neretva is one of the windiest spots in Croatia, and I kited 12 out of 16 days when I went there last year. The conditions were perfect. The wind tends to pick up after noon, and if you have energy, you can find time to explore one of the other amazing activities and attractions that the area offers besides kiting: SUP-safari through beautiful lakes, a swim in green waterfalls in Bosnia Herzegovina (only an hour away), a vineyard trip to try the amazing Croatian wines, climbing, kayaking, to mention some..

What’s your advice to people who are new to the sport?
– Numero uno: Join Lapoint Kite Camp on a holiday to one of our amazing kite destinations! You will learn to kite in the best conditions possible, and you will have friends and memories for life. Hopefully I’ll see you this summer in Croatia or Sardinia 😉
– Numero dos: Become a member of kite groups on Facebook. You can ask people for all sorts of advice, and stay updated on kite gear, wind, spots and happenings. One or several friendly kiters will always answer you.
– Lo mas importante: HAVE FUN! Smile, be happy and see how many kite friends you will get. Don’t be afraid of approaching people – you’re always welcome to be a part of the group.