Gony Zubizarreta & Marlon Lipke sign with Lapoint Surf Camps

Lapoint Surf Camps is all about good times and enjoying quality surf at our surf camps around the world. Therefore it was a no brainer to sign two of Europe’s best and happy-go-lucky surfers; Gony Zubizarreta & Marlon Lipke.

–  I’ve known Lapoint for quite a while now and have been hanging out a lot at the surf camp in Ericeira, being close friends with Alexandre Grilo. Over the years I’ve got to known the whole team and we all share the same passion for surfing, but what gives it the extra push is the quality that Lapoint offer their clients and it’s that passion they’re putting in I can really relate to. In the end you have to feel good with which stickers you have to look at everyday on your boards. A bonus is of course that we’re all going to visit some of the camps through the year and get to surf some epic waves, says Marlon.

Photo by João Bracourt
Marlon was born in Lisbon, Portugal and son to German parents that moved to the south of Portugal 40 years ago, where he also started to catch his first waves and has been his home base ever since. Argentinian born Gony has lived most of his life in Spain, but as with Marlon he’s found his place in Ericeira, Portugal and spends his time in the breaks in and around Ericeira when he’s not out travelling the world.

Photo by Tom Carey
– I decided to join the Lapoint Surf Camps Advocate family with a lot of excitement as the whole project is very attractive, with good friends and nice people behind it. I’m very glad and thankful to be a part of this, says Gony.

These two are now part of our family of Lapoint Advocates that represents Lapoint Surf Camps in and out of the water around the world. We’re stoked to have them aboard and can’t wait to share waves and good times with them in and around the surf camp in Ericeira and the rest of the world.

Photo by João Bracourt