Snowkiting in Norway

Kite your way through majestic snow covered landscape at our beautiful and windy snowkite camp at Haukeliseter.

How to choose right skis for snowkiting

Norwegian snowkiter Thomas Lone has medals in freestyle and race and owns skis for every condition and purpose. Read his ski guide to select the perfect ski gear, whether you want to do tricks, kite up mountains, race or a…
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How to surf waves with a kite

Do you like to surf? Your kite is the perfect method of riding waves similar to a tow-in by a jet ski. Destinations like the kite camp in Cape Town are great to explore this adrenaline rush of a twist…
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Why go kitesurfing in Sardinia?

Three kiters about why return to they prefer Sardinia as kiteboarding holiday destination and what makes them come back to the same spot every year   JAMES BOULDING  Manchester, England. “I have never had a bad trip to Sardinia and…
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I kited every day

“Neretva is a special place that one can only dream off, and you have to search for a long time to find anything similar.”     Travel letter – 2 weeks in Croatia – Valentin Launay   The first week…
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Marthe quit her office job to chase the kite dream

  It was love at first sight: Marthe’s passion for kiting started on a beach in Zanzibar and eventually made her resign her 9-4 job to chase perfect wind around the world. She has many tips to those who want…
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Petter went from zero to hero with kitesurfing in Sardinia

Kiting upwind and becoming an independent kiter was Petter Aaberg’s main goal when he went to Sardinia with Lapoint. He studies in the north of Norway and he had been trying to kite for about half year before he decided…
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Sunny, sandy and windy Zanzibar awaits

  Welcome to the tropical island off the coast of Tanzania on the East side of Africa. Zanzibar is a well-renowned kite paradise that not only offers turquoise coloured water, mile long beaches and vibrant local culture, but also wind…
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Top 6 things to do in Zanzibar

  Combine perfect kiting with a wild adventure that you will never forget! Welcome to Lapoint kitecamp Zanzibar:   1. Kitesurf Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful kite destinations in the world, and the conditions are perfect to learn…
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A week at our new kite paradise in Croatia

  Camp Manager and Yoga Instructor Iris Straume travels with Marit Nore to Croatia to try out Lapoint’s new kite camp in Komin. This is their story.   Monday – Arrival We arrive at Split Airport Monday evening. A delicious…
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