A week at our new kite paradise in Croatia


Camp Manager and Yoga Instructor Iris Straume travels with Marit Nore to Croatia to try out Lapoint’s new kite camp in Komin. This is their story.


Monday – Arrival

We arrive at Split Airport Monday evening. A delicious dinner is waiting for us in Komin, where our camp is based. The local kiters tell us about their epic sunset session, and that the forecast for this week is looking good. We are lodged in “kiwi-house”, a 4-star house with nice rooms and bathrooms, a big living room, and kitchen. We enjoy a wonderful view on the river from the veranda, and a huge kiwi tree is giving a pleasant shade. Our new neighbours stop by for a short chat and they bring homemade jams, fresh fruits and their own special fruit liqueurs as a welcome gift.




Tuesday – Kiting comes first

We drive to the kite spot, 10 minutes away, after breakfast and a walk around the village. We enjoy lunch in the beach bar, fresh grilled fish and a salad filled with local veggies. We are the first to hit the water when the wind picks up. The spot is huge, and the water is crystal clear, flat and shallow. Our session starts with 11 and 12 meter kites, and we have to change to smaller sizes after an hour, when the wind is stronger. There are many facilities at the spot, making our kite trip comfortable: Air compressor, a dry area to pack the kites (free for sand), showers, toilets, beach bar, volleyball and storage.




Wednesday – SUP and kite

We are ready for a paddle surf-adventure! We wake up early and drive to the Bácina lakes, 15 minutes from the camp. Our guide Ivan takes us on a tour through seven beautiful lakes, and he serves us fruits and refreshments at “secret spots” along the way. We learn about the local culture and we enjoy the rich diversity of flora and fauna around the lakes, through canals and swamps. The safari takes three hours, and when the time hits 2pm we have already eaten lunch and we are ready for more kiting. The conditions are perfect, and we stay in the water until sunset.




Thursday – Kayak and kite

We depart early to go kayak paddling in Neretva River, with our guide and kayak expert, Adrian. Flowing from the Dinaric Alps it is the largest tributary to the Adriatic Sea. The cold, turquoise water flows through incredible scenery. Our 12 km long journey is done in two hours, and we stop in the town of Opuzen to have lunch. It consists of the most amazing risotto with grilled veggies and lots of delicious side dishes. The rest of our day is dedicated to kiting. The conditions are still perfect, and we wonder if we are ever going to give our bodies a break (!)




Friday – Rest and kite

We enjoy a peaceful morning in Komin, with time for a good breakfast and a look around. We stop by the gym that our guests can use every morning, and we check if the veranda where we are going to have the morning yoga is big enough. It is. The mistral wind comes in the evening (as usual), and we are ready for another good day. We kite for almost two hours before the wind stops as sudden as it came. All kites falls down to the water, and we do the “walk of shame” back to the beach.




Saturday – Yoga and black risotto

Iris practices series of advanced yoga postures while we are waiting for the wind. When there is still not an indication of wind at 4.30 in the afternoon, we decide to leave. Back in Komin, they tell us that the wind picked up just after we left and that they kited until sunset!! Bummer!!! But we really needed a rest. Our lovely chef and house mum, Miranda, serves a typical black cuttlefish risotto for dinner. The dish is served with fresh seafood, and it has a special flavor that captivates our taste buds. Delicious! This is certainly a “must-taste” plate for all travelers to Croatia. I normally don´t eat cuttlefish, but I loved every bite of this risotto! We spent the evening in the local bar, watching Croatia playing against Portugal, European football championship.


The place was packed with fans in red-and-white striped shirts. Kids were running in the streets with Croatian flags, dancing and cheering. They cried when Croatia lost, and we missed out on what could have been a really fun village celebration.


Kite 4


Sunday – Fig tour and kite

Dalamatia is full of fig trees, and we spent the morning visiting a fig plantation. This is where they produce many of the products that are sold in the shops and at the airports in Croatia. We tasted fig marmalade, fig and wine sauce, and bars with figs combinations such as fig with quinoa, citrus, cranberry, almonds or chilli. It was a tasteful experience, and the bars would be perfect as a snack between the kite sessions.


Our transfer to the kite spot today is in a sailboat! It is a beautiful trip along the river of Neretva. We kite for about two solid hours before the weather gets crazy. The wind is shifting constantly, offshore, onshore, strong, light etc. We hit the beach bar when the skies turn black, and it starts thundering, lightning and raining heavily. There is a sand storm at the beach. We are safe and dry, and they serve us wonderful green pasta with seafood.


Kite 5


Over and out

My week in Croatia is over, and Iris will be in charge of the camp until 20th of August. We couldn´t be more happy about the kiting, the spot, all the activities, the locals, the food and the houses where our guests will stay. The food is good and healthy, and most of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wine, fish and meat come from local producers in the area. Iris will teach yoga classes every morning at the top floor balcony, with a peaceful view on the river. July was fully booked before we even launched the camp online, but we still have a few places left from the beginning of August. Welcome to paradise!


/ Lapoint Kite Manager – Marit Nore


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